How to Write High Quality Content / Article for your Blog / Website

In SEO the quality of the material which is posted is of great importance and it cannot be overlooked. As it plays a vital role in increasing the ranking and improving your site. The achievement of a blogger is that the content written on his or her blog is cherished by everyone.  Writing is a creative activity and a person who is writing the content must have rich vocabulary and grip over the language in the content is being written.

The content on your blog should be thought provoking and quality of the content should be such that it is able to grasp the attention of the reader at a glance than you can say that it is a well written post.

In blog all the work is around the articles because the audience is gained by advertising that written content. So all the game is of the content so pay proper attention to the content and there are some techniques and tactics for writing quality content.

Before developing your blog you should know about the strategies that will increase the ranking of your site and your site will flourish overnight.

Write article on demanding topic

Now after the developing the blog and giving it a domain name the second and most important step is now the selection of the topic which you are going to write. Most of the bloggers are worried about the topic that on which they should write.

So here is the solution of the problem and that is search the market and dig out about the most wanted topics. The selection of the topic plays a very important role as if you are writing about the topic which is not in demand then you will be unable to get large number of viewers.

Search the popular blog and try to see that on which topic the people are interested. And write on that topic. If you try to become innovative and write about any new topic which have no place in the market then your blog will ultimately moves towards the failure.

Research the topic you are going to write article

Now after searching about the topic and make choice of the topic on which you are going to write next phase is make searching about the topic which is selected.  Search the topic complete and thoroughly and by searching different sites and also search even the sub headings.

The content which you are going to upload should be authentic as well so when you are searching about any content on any site, make sure to check the authenticity of that site.

And after making proper search about the content write it down. Don’t rely on a single site rather visit and collect data from various sites and after collection of data start writing about the topic.

Reviewing your written content

The content may contain many grammar and tense errors. And if the article is written on the same day on which it is going to be published then it may contain many errors which will lower the authenticity of your site.

The article should be reviewed once after it is written. And in that review remove all the ambiguous information and correct the mistake you have made in the article.

If the article is posted along with the errors then the customer will loss the trust on that site and consequently will never ever visit your site again.

So in order to avoid this situation write the post 2 to 3 days before you are going to upload that article. This will be beneficial for you blog in such a way that no errors will be found in your post and people will start trusting your blog and this will increase the ranking of your blog tremendously.

Make small headlines

It is a matter of common fact that no one likes long and lengthy articles and the audience doesn’t read the whole article and they read only the headings because it’s quit dull and boring to read out the whole article.

As people don’t have much time to read the full article due to this reason pay attention to the headings and make the article attractive for the audience. Try to make the article well presented by making use of more headings.

If the article does not contain headings as is written like a long and lengthy essay surely no one will read your article and it will be neglected by the viewers and they won’t visit your site again. So try to make your content attractive for the audience.

Adding link of related articles

And this is the principle on which many popular sites are working. YouTube is also following this phenomenon. This is the main principle which should be followed in order to increase the ranking of your site you should give link of the related articles at the bottom of the article.

How this related linking is beneficial? When you get to know about the interest of a person by seeing the article he or she is reading than you will give link of the topics which are related to his interest so the person will keep on reading the articles and will spend more time on your site. This is a key factor which will increase ranking of your site.

And if you don’t add related topics at the end then the person will read only the article and will the move to the other site.

Get knowledge about your audience

In this blogging business all the work is done on these two factors which include audience and the content. You have to pay special attention of the audience as well. Because it’s the audience who reads your content and you are also writing for the viewers.

Select your audience you are going to address the old age or young or children because format and vocabulary for every age group is different. The region of the audience matters a lot in this regard but because the post can be accessed through the whole world so for this reason try to focus the entire universe and don’t confine yourself to only one geographical area.

If you don’t focus on audience and just focus on writing the content as you are writing an essay then you will have to face failure. And in this process the all your effort, time and money will be wasted.

Write unique content

A common fact which affects your ranking is the presence of plagiarism in your content. Try to avoid this plagiarized content. This is bad both ethically as well as it gives a negative impact on ranking of your site.

When search engines are ranking any site they check the amount of plagiarized content. If your blog contains copied content then the ranking of the site is surely reduced. So always try to write new, authentic and unique content on your site. This will increase the ranking of your site.

Before uploading any content on your site check the plagiarism of that content there are many software’s available for checking the plagiarism of the content. So take help from that software’s and try to provide the audience with the unique content.

Take help from visual affects

Picture speaks louder than words and it is easy to grasp any concept which is explained visually rather than the content which is just written out like an essay.  Through pictures and visual affects your idea can be expressed in a better and simplified manner.

You can also add small videos of 2 to 3 minutes which depict the summary of your content. People find it easy to view the video or to get your idea through an image rather than reading long and lengthy articles.

  One more point the picture which is added should be according to the topic. It should be relevant to the written content otherwise it will detract your audience. Along with relevancy the picture should also be expressive.

Conclusion : As in blogging all the focus is around the written content. So in this article main strategies have been discussed and elaborated in order to improve the quality of your content. If you want to get large amount of traffic and to enhance your ranking you should follow all these tips. If you overlook these techniques you will be unable to get huge amount of traffic.

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