Using Quora for Getting Huge Amount of Traffic / Turn Quora into Huge Traffic Getting Machine

When you are spending day and night in writing the content and putting all your effort to make your blog flourish and even then you are unable to viewers they you will surely get frustrated. And this frustration may force you to delete your blog or to take any other step. But success does not belong to the cowards so you should face the situation and take steps in order to overcome this difficulty.Now what is the solution of this problem of not getting adequate number of viewers? And the solution of this problem is Quora! We let you know Using Quora for Getting Huge Amount of Traffic / Turn Quora into Huge Traffic Getting Machine in a easily understandable way.

What is Quora

Quora is a question answer platform in which different questions are asked by people. It was developed on June 2009. It was developed by the co-fellows of Facebook. The development language used for Quora is python and C.  And this question answer site was launched after 1 year of development on June 2010. And now it a leading site through which questions are answered.

Benefits of Quora!

Quora is helpful in building traffic for a long period of time:

Quora will help you to generate traffic for a long period of time. Even after years you can get large number of viewers. As people see your answer they will move towards your blog and consequently you will be able to get tremendous traffic in a short period of time. But in general Quora answer will help you for a period of 3 to 4 months.

Supportive in self-improvement:

Quora will develop a sense of competition and self-improvement. Quora compares your skills and your reputation with the most popular and renowned bloggers. And this competition will invoke sense of competition in you and you try to improve you ranking by all means. As a result you will keep on improving yourself.

You will be noticed by many successful bloggers:

When you will increase your social circle you will be noticed by many bloggers. And especially there is no geographical bound in this site. By sitting in Asia you can get connected to the bloggers in Europe. As your social circle job opportunities and chances of getting more traffic on your site will also increase tremendously.

Step by step guideline for using Quora:

We have discussed only the benefits of using Quora. But now we will move towards the ways of using Quora step by step:

Step 1:

Create a profile which depicts your compatibility:

In order to use the Quora platform you have to create an account in Quora.

So there are some tactics which should be used in order to create an attractive account.

And what are those tactics? Your profile must contain the skills along with your name. Your biography is what is seen by the audience at first. All your skills must be present in your biography. Because audience will get attracted by you skills so be careful in this.

Listing technique can be used for writing your skills.

Don’t add link of your blog at this stage because it will not work as a link but will appear only a statement.

Add a concise view about yourself:

At this stage write a summarize data about yourself. This may contain your early life, your education, your site link, your inspiration, your current status, any personal information any many more things.

This is a source for increasing interaction between you and your followers. They will be able to read all about your life. In this way you can also serve an inspiration for other peoples.

Add your proficiency:

The facility of adding specific topic is also given by Quora. The option of editing your topic is also given by Quora.

How adding a topic is helpful? The person searching for the topic in which you are expert can easily found you. In this he or she will be facilitated.

Step 2:

Answer the popular questions:

After making the profile now the question arises that what type of questions are ought to be answered? This is the most ignored aspect by a blogger and as a result will get less number of viewers. This aspect significantly affects the traffic.

Effort at a right time and place should be placed. Otherwise all your effort will be wasted.

Special attention should be paid in the choice of topic. You should give answers to the question which has great number of viewers. As it will give you more exposure so as a result we will get large number of traffic.

And give the answer with reference and give explanation of that question. After the selection your answer should be adequate.

Step 3:

Try to write perfect answer:

Answering the question needs special skills and there is a proper way of answering the question. First of all the answer should be satisfying the audience. The satisfactory level of your viewers matters a lot. The answer should be simple, understandable and attracting. And support your answer with private stories.

And the second tactic is making use of visual effects. As you know pictures speaks louder than words. And pictures can easily grasp the attention of viewers. And if this point is overlooked then you will unable to achieve your desired result.

Thirdly the content format should be attracting. The answer should not be long and lengthy. But should be precise and if the adequate answer is long than use listing tactic. You can also give a link to your already written article on your site.

Fourth leave no stone unturned to satisfy your audience. Go deep as much as you can for answering a question. Many people are answering the same question. Now challenge is to make your answer dominant by writing an interactive answer.

Conclusion: Most of the bloggers are facing this problem of unable to grasp the attention of the viewer. And the best purposed solution is using Quora for marketing and making your blog popular.  If this platform is ignored then we have to face serious consequences regarding traffic. Pay proper and adequate importance to make your blog popular using Quora. You have some suggestions to use Quora more productively please do share with us by commenting on this post.


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