Using Facebook for Getting Huge Amount of Traffic / Promoting your Blog

Social media plays a very important role in promoting your blog. The greater the number of viewers the greater will be the popularity of your blog. And the best way of implementing this is by using social media. Social media include Twitter, Watts App groups, Facebook, Instragram and Orkut. Now we will discuss ways of Using Facebook for Getting Huge Amount of Traffic / Promoting your Blog in its true spirit.

  1. Create your own groups or page:

The best way of promoting your site is by creating your own groups or pages on Facebook. After creating that groups give invitation to all your friends and also ask them to like your page and add their friends to that group.

In this you will be able to get huge number of viewers in short period of time and your blog will be a big hit. All the effort in blog is done just to get great number of viewers. And this technique will help you to achieve your goal.

Facebook fan pages and groups act as a facilitator for promoting your blog. And in this way your social circle will also increase but be patient because it is a time taking process to make a group popular.

  1. Post you article on other groups:

Do not restrict yourself only to your group or page. But also make use of fan pages and groups created by other persons. Join as many groups as you can for not only promoting your blog but also to enhance your social circle.

And moreover remember some rules that ought to be followed while promoting your blog on other groups. You should not restrict to promotion of your blog but also share other beneficial information. And play an active role in the group.

If you keep on sharing only your article then people will find it dull and boring and will ultimately ignore your posts and the goal you are trying to achieve will be lost somewhere. So, in order to avoid these take proper precautions.

  1. Adjust the size of your image you are going to post:

In promoting your page this point should be kept in mind that images must be used. Image speaks louder than words and one image is equal to thousand words. And images are able to grasp the attention of the viewer’s more effectively.

Now here another point arises that what should be the quality of the posted image? And what should be the size of that image? What should be the color combination? So for this follow the HCI rules and regulations. The color combination should be effective and eye catching. And the size of text on that image should be proper and readable.

If the image you are going to post is not according to the standards that the people will find it dull and boring and you post will not be noticed.

  1. Write engaging updates:

While posting your article on fan pages and groups write some text along with image. All the status which you are going to update should be effective and thought provoking. And the length of that post should also be less.

Your post should be so effective that it is able to grasp the attention of the viewer at a single glance. And the length should be minimum one line and maximum two lines and in that one to two lines the extract of that article should be explained.

If the post length is long then people will most probably ignore your post and will move towards next post or update. Irrespective of the length the wording used should also be effective.

  1. Enhance your social circle:

The greater will be your social circle the greater you will get viewers and as a result your revenue will increase tremendously. So try out all the ways which are helpful in increasing your social circle.

By using Facebook you can increase your social circle tremendously. Facebook helps you connect to your friends living far away from you and this will be beneficial for you to get more traffic.

And if you have limited social circle you are unable to achieve you goal. As making networks is an important subject and some universities even include this as a subject in curriculum.

  1. Make a small video tutorial for your blog:

As it is well known fact the videos, tutorials and images are more useful in gaining the attention of the viewer rather than lengthy text like essay. People don’t find it easy to read the long and boring text.

So here is a solution of the above mentioned problem and that is make an effective video tutorial of 1 to 3 minutes which will give the summary of your blog or of particular article. And post that video on your group and fan page. By viewing this video people will attract towards your blog.

The video should not be longer than 5 minutes otherwise more time is required for streaming of the video and human rage will result in frustration. As a result people will not pay attention to your blog.

  1. Give a weekly video report to your Facebook friends:

Along with updating the content on daily basis and posting those on Facebook groups also deliver a weekly report to your friends through fan pages and groups. This is a sign of professionalism. And it depicts a mature view in the eyes of the viewers.

The weekly report can be of any form it can be in the form of a video or a college depicting all the activities of your week. In short, give a comprehensive view of your week activities.

This will also helpful in engaging large number of viewers. And if it is overlook this point your image in the mind of viewer will not be strong.

  1. Give benefits to the others:

Serve for humanity so only concise yourself for sharing your posts or stop thinking about only for you. But also give advantage to your audience. In this way you are able to get committed audience.

And this can be achieved by sharing other people post just to give them information. When you will share informative posts then your audience will develop a sense of trust in you and after that will help you get trustworthy audience.

But on the other hand you keep on sharing your own posts and article without considering the need of the people then your audience will not be committed.

  1. Make use of the announcements on Facebook:

Advertisements also play a very important role in promoting your site. The Facebook ads will help the blogger to promote your blog.

This is also an effective way that a blogger can use in order to get large number of viewers.

This is an important tactic which should not be ignored by a blogger and if is overlooked your blog will doomed towards failure.

  1. Include link of your blog in your Facebook information

While writing your personal information in the Facebook profile gives the link of your blog. And in the bio data write about your blog and your current job.

Many successful bloggers are using this tactic because when a person views your profile he or she will come to know that you are a blogger and this will help you in a way that a person may be in need of the articles which you are writing. So pay proper attention in giving proper information in the Facebook profile.

Conclusion: By using the above mentioned techniques one can get large number of traffic and will allow your blog to grow by leaps and bounds.  All the successful bloggers are implementing these techniques in order to grasp the attention of audience. What do you have in your mind about the usability of this article?


  1. indeed Facebook is a very good source as it is the most famous social media these days too

  2. Hussain Shahbaz Khawaja

    have used fb sponsored ads. quite efficient

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