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What are incoming links or back links in any site?

There are two types of linking on any site which are known as Internal links and External links. Now moving towards the explanation of these links external links are those which relates your site to another site on contrary internal links are the associates that take you from one page of a blog to another page of that blog.

 Categories of Backlinks:

There are two kinds of backlinks which are as follows:

  1. Do Follow
  2. No Follow

What are do Follow:

Do Follow are the links that are considered to be important and the search engine get deep if do follow link is present in the code of the site.

No follow:

They are overlooked by the search Engines and deep information is not dig out consequently.

Backlinks are beneficial and there are many tools available in the market for checking the Backlinks.

How to find Backlinks of any site:

This is very simple and easy way to find out the number of Backlinks of any site. Here are the steps for checking the Backlinks:

  1. Make choice of the tool which you are going to use for checking the Backlinks.
  2. Write the URL of the site which you want to check the number of Backlinks
  3. Result will be displayed on your screen about the number of Backlinks the site is using.

Tools for testing Backlinks:


Ahref is a tool for checking the backlinks. It provides a free trial version for some days and the trail version is expired you have to buy it for further use. This is the most updated and new version in the market for analyzing the backlinks in any site.

It is most wanted and is widely used by the popular bloggers. Some features of the Ahref are not available in free version and are only present in paid version.

Ahref provides the facility of deep search. It gives information about the external links in detail.

The features which are offered by Ahref are:

  1. List of the sites to which the site you are checking is connected
  2. Let you know about the topic on which your opponent is writing and getting huge traffic
  3. Let you know about the most demanding material of your site
  4. Will give you information about rank of the site
  5. Give information about the issues with Search Engine Optimization
  6. Let you know that the competitors are getting new external links.

SEM Rush

It is the most important tool which is used all over the world and it is simple to use. You have to submit the URL of the site or just to upload the content of which you want to check the Backlinks.

The features of SEM Rush include:

  1. Comparison of two sites
  2. Let you know about all the techniques that are adopted by your competitors in order to gain traffic.
  3. Give you information about the keywords complications and give a static base search
  4. Give a list of your opponents

For using this software or tool for long time you need to purchase them.

SEO Spyglass

This tool provides you with all the techniques which will help you to deploy make your site the best site for search engine. It tells you know about the backlinks of your opponent site which will help you to attract a huge amount of traffic.

It also provides free trail for some days and you have to purchase the product for long span.

The characteristic and the facilities provided by the tool are listed below:

  1. Tell you about the backlinks your opponent is using
  2. The words through which you can access any site without writing the whole URL are told by this tool which are utilized by the site
  3. Let you know about the ranking of every single page.
  4. Tell you about the traffic generation from the external link
  5. Let you know about the IP address
  6. Give page title

Open site Explorer

Open site explorer provides a 30 day trail and gives you the option to buy this if you find it best. You have to just type the address of the site and then all the information will be in front of you through which you can get benefit and let your blog touch the heights of glory.

The information provided by Open Site explorer is:

  1. About the external links which are generating traffic for you
  2. The power of domain
  3. And also let you know about the Page power
  4. Dig out the relations of the site
  5. The amount of social sharing due to which the traffic has increased tremendously

Link Diagnose

Link diagnose has new version which has many improved features and are more beneficial for the top bloggers. In the Link Diagnose has many features and the interface of this tool is also modified in a better way. As change is always better for a human so it’s changed interface has gained much importance.

The features or the facilities provided by the Link diagnose are as follows:

  1. On which number the search engine has ranked this site
  2. What is the kind of the link? Whether it is do follow or no follow link.
  3. And tell you about the link past
  4. The power of the link is also shown by link diagnose

Raven tools

Raven tools have two parts further one is related with the search engine optimization and other is the analysis tool. Through analysis tool we will be able to get information about the backlinks and ranking etc.

This is a tool which enables you to find out the problems in your site and gives to option to fix them in a better way.

The features and characteristics of Raven tools are stated below:

  1. Generate a report of your site
  2. Will identify the errors which are lowering the indexing
  3. Also give you the option of solving problem faced by your site in SEO
  4. Keep you updated about the problem occurring
  5. It is highly portable software and can be used on any device having internet connection

Monitor Backlinks

This is the most commonly used software for checking your site or checking the site of your opponent. And this tool will give a comprehensive and effective report about your site and you will able to survive in the market in a better way and are also able to match with your competitors and can also help you make your site most popular site.

It also provides you opportunity to test that tool by using the trail version and will able to buy the full product after you are satisfied.

The features provided by the Monitor Backlinks are stated below:

  1. Allows you to check the power of your domain name
  2. Also gives you option to check the opponents site deeply
  3. And let know about the keywords your competitor is using
  4. There is no manual work in this tool and all the work is done by the software it self
  5. Gives a summary of the site in few seconds
  6. Let you know about the type of link


This tool is providing all the services without cost and let you know about the backlinks of your opponent site. It is simple to use and provides you with an effective interface.

The best part of this tool that there is no limit for checking the links you can check the links up to your need.

Features of this tool are:

  1. Identify external links on your site or of your opponent site
  2. Identify the page which has large number of external links
  3. Present the list of linked site

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO can only be used after purchasing it. But it the best tool which is used for identification of backlinks and is providing with many countless features which include:

  1. Give a detail report of all the backlinks linked so far
  2. Will generate a report about every aspect of the blog all you do is to just type the URL of the site
  3. Gives a contrast between two sites
  4. Will check and generate report about the keywords used by your opponents

Most renowned companies are using this Majestic SEO.

Backlink checker

This tool is providing all the services free of cost. In this tool some features are restricted. Depending upon the purpose of it may serve to be number one tool for you. In case you want to check that which is the most used backlinks so in this situation it is the best and most appropriate tool.


  1. Tell you about the most used backlinks
  2. But it has a drawback that it gives address of only one backlist

You can only check one website in a week

Conclusion: List of top 10 tools are written. These tools are not confined to your site only but can also give you information about the others site as well and by using that information you can improve your site.

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