Top / Best AdSense Friendly and SEO Optimized Responsive Blogger Templates

Before pointing out all the templates which are highly use able and are compatible for AdSense we need to know that what is Blogger? Blogger is the foundation of blogging. Blogger is a free service which allows you to share your knowledge with the world and to develop you own blog. There are many features that are provided by the Search Engine for free. And these features include domain compering, analysis and also the facility of customization is provided by the blogger. So in order to generate profit you have to make selection of ads.

 Procedure of making account on Blogger

For using blogger you need to enter your name, your blog name and then the last but not the least selects the template.  And once you have signed in you can create more than blogs according to subjects.

After the discussion of all the use of blogger now we will moves towards those blogs which are ranked higher than others and reason of this ranking is also explained in detail.

And all these top bloggers are listed below:

  1. ATB template

This template which is of much importance was developed, updated and was put into market by Imran Uddin by using this developed template on his own blog.  Imran Uddin is a renowned blogger and a SEO expert. He is now running with more than hundred blogs.

This is the most used and well recognized template now a day. And the reason of this popularity is its countless features and these include alertness and also it is the top most updated template. And he reason why this template is preferred over other template is that it also has the facility of customization. The user can change the appearance according to his or her requirement.

Now moving towards the features of the ATB template:

  • The title in this template is made very attractive because title leaves a good impression on user’s mind.
  • Along with the title the ending of this template is also very stylish this comprises of four columns.
  • The interface is made interactive.
  • You don’t need to worry about the Search engine Optimization as it is completely integrated for this particular feature.
  • Many tags are incorporated in this template.
  1. Sensational Blogger Model

This is the second top most templates. As the name depicts it is best and most stylish type of template. It is a best first-class template the presentation of this template is very effective and is able to grasp the attention of the user at his or her first sight.

Now moving towards the developer this interactive template was developed by chandeep. The SEO setting for this template is fabulous. As the main purpose of the blog is to gain attention of the user and in this case this template which helps you to achieve your goal due to the style of post.

Now we will see the features of this template:

  • This template is quick to respond and due to this function the users prefer the sites using this template as the performance is the main concern of the users.
  • Very attractive icons are present for social sharing
  • The color scheme is well organized keeping in view the HCI principles
  • Designing of this template is fabulous
  • This template comprises of two direction-finding bar
  1. Apriezt template

This template is best suited for making news blog or for making blog for journals due to its effective designing. The interface of this template is very friendly which can be easily be operated by people of old age.

The color combination of this template is superb. And this template has the capability to grasp the attention of the user. Now moving towards the features of this template

  • Tools provided by this template can be used by hand or robotically and this feature supports customization.
  • This template is vastly raised for both AdSense and also for the Search Engine Optimization
  • Performance of this blog is much improved and also the loading time of this template is very high.
  • This template also provides the facility of making comments effectively.
  1. Bresponsive

This template is very attractive for the users. And it is exceedingly approachable and has many immeasurable features which are listed below:

  • This template has the capability to synchronize with the Search Engine and also for AdSense this will increase the ranking of the blog incredibly
  • The menu in this template is plane
  • Links of the relevant posts is also given at the end of every post
  • It is flexible and can be changed according to the need of the user.
  1. Skill Blogger

This blog is best suited for the blog related to the technology. Template of this blog is supportive for technical posts and also for niche blog. And the speed of this template is very high.  All the technical work is provided by this template and you don’t have to only focus on the content without worrying about the SEO.

The features of this template are listed below:

  • The remarking box is well organized
  • The option of contact is well presented
  • The icons for post sharing are also well organized and are presented in a marvelous way.
  • Has the option to give introduction about the writer at the end of the post.
  • Link of relevant posts are given at the end of every post.
  • The heading and the end is presented in the best possible manner.
  1. Purez

Purez is the name of the template which is user friendly and is highly approachable and is designed to be optimized with search Engines and AdSense very well. The logo designed for this template is mind blowing and the color scheme used is eye catching. The characteristic of Purez includes:

  • Using Ajax for fast loading
  • It is highly adjusted for search Engines and AdSense
  • Has the ability to express feelings along with comment writing
  • Have the options of adding plugins
  • Provides the facility of customization
  • Related post and comments are presented in very effective manner of slides
  1. Tech Shadow

This is a template which is widely used by the top bloggers due to its countless and effective features and this template is best suited when the person wants to customize the blog and also for backup modernization it was developed.  This template is organized in such a manner that the heading of the blog is oriented on the left side of the page and conversely all the content including the posts are written on the right hand side.

The features of Tech shadow are listed below:

  • There is a proper section for Adds in this template and is well organized.
  • This template has three columns at the end and there are generally two columns in the whole template.
  • The list of relevant posts are given at the end of every post
  • Provides the facility of marketing your post using social media
  • This template is highly optimized with SE
  1. Elice

This template gives a mature look to your blog and his highly adjustable and the sketch of this template was developed by Chandeep. The color scheme is used with special care and it can easily grasp the attention of the user in no time.

Now moving towards the feature of this template:

  • This template has two partitions in first partition the content is displayed and in second partitions other tools like search bar etc. are available.
  • It also gives the link of the related post at the end according to the interest of the reader.
  • This template has an eye catching look
  • The performance of this template is very high
  • And it can be easily be indexed by Search Engines.
  1. Maggner blogger Template

The color combination and the design of this template suggest that it is best suited for the blogs which are developed for the old age people and for children. This blog is also divided into two parts as Tech Shadow.

Maggner has the following features:

  • It is SEO responsive which means there is no indexing problem in this website.
  • Like all other blogs templates it also has two parts.
  • This template has the facility for optimizing the blog according to the need.
  • A brief introduction about the writer is stated below the post or article.
  • Usability of this site is high
  • The loading span of this template is very less and gives result of user query in no time.
  1. Ijonkz

This is the first template which is present in two visual moods. It can be implemented using two ways first is known as Complete and other is the boxed vision. It can easily be used by people or all age groups.

  • It has options of two vision
  • Usability of this template is very high as compared to other templates.
  • Gives a mature look to your site.
  • Can easily be customized by developer
  • Provide the option to represent your views in three different ways.
  • The visual can be adjusted easily by using this view.

Conclusion: In this article top 10 templates have been discussed and every template has its own pros and cons. The focus of every template is user and responsiveness but now the choice should be made according to the needs and the targeted market.

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