Tips to Increase Alexa Rank

What is Alexa Ranking?

Top tips to increase Alexa rank is a hot topic discussed these days among bloggers. Alexa Internet Inc. is a supplemental of which provides information on traffic intensity of websites. The organization was built up in 1996 and was possessed by Amazon in 1999. It utilizes different apparatuses to gather information from diverse sites and control this information to compute its position. It figures out mutually worldwide and county rank from where the site has been made. As indicated by Wikipedia Alexa gives activity based estimation to more than 30 million site. So it is important to know top tips to increase Alexa rank.

Why Alexa Ranking is Important?

Website admins, sponsors and ads companies utilize your site’s Alexa rank as a measure to decide the value of a link on your site. In the event that you rely on upon connection or site offering as a type of adaptation you’ll unquestionably need to increase your Alexa rank, in light of the fact that will build trading power with regards to advertisement valuing.

How Alexa Rank is Measured?

Some of us (Webmasters and bloggers) reflect that Alexa positions the web blogs/sites as indicated by the activity that we get on our web blog in any case, this fact isn’t adequate. Alexa ranking not just relies on the activity it additionally relies on Alexa Toolbar and numerous other elements which are the principle piece of this post. Following are top 20 tips to Increase Alexa rank in a handy way.

Tips to Increase Alexa Rank

Alexa ranking solely depends upon some key changes / steps you need to perform immediately for your blog / website. Here we provide those changes / steps tips to increase alexa rank.

1)  Claim / Verify Your site on Alexa

Verifying your site on Alexa gives full control over your site and it works like a check process like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and so forth. This will help other people to know who is the proprietor of that site. Along these lines, it’s so vital to verify your site to achieve better ranking on Alexa. Go here to Claim Your Site on

2)  Add Alexa Rank Widget to your Blog

Add Alexa rank widget to your site, as Alexa count just those hits which goes under their system. Additionally, in the event that you are a blogger then you cannot ask others to install Alexa Toolbar in their system, yet you can add Alexa Rank widget in your blog. So there is no loss of having it.

3)  Install Alexa Toolbar/Extension

Alexa rank tallies the traffic that has the toolbar installed. Along these lines, So it is a good practice to install Alexa Toolbar in your system and furthermore Encourage your guests to install Alexa toolbar to their systems. Here, you can download Alexa Toolbar for your browser.

4)  Write a review about Alexa on you blog

Alexa cherishes backlinks to them and great surveys about their site. So, compose a decent article/survey about Alexa Ranking traits on your blog and give a backlink to to make Alexa happy and rank you higher.

5)  Post Good Quality Content

Nothing is new on the off chance that we say “Content is King” in light of this fact it is compulsory for all great bloggers to compose quality content to make people satisfies and attracted to their blog. People will automatically link to your blog if they find quality content on your site and will result in increase in backlinks to your blog resulting in getting a large number of referral traffic. In this way increasing backlinks will make your blog reputable and increases your Alexa Rank.

6)  Traffic from Bloggers & Techy guys

This is the most essential variable to be considered that consequences for your Alexa Rank this is on account of in the event that you’r getting guests who are blogger and techy fellows then your Alexa Rank will increment rapidly as all the blogger and Techy fellows have Alexa Toolbar on their programs.

7)  Commenting and Backlinking

Comment on different blogs which similar or related niche to as your blog and which have great traffic. This will make  sure that you get backlinks for your blog from some reputable sites. Subsequently increasing backlinks and your blog Alexa Rank will increment rapidly.

8)  Share your Blog on Social Media

Person to person communication and linking social networks are available these days. In the event that you won’t share your blog entry in long range informal communication website then how individuals come to read and share your blog and know about what content are posted on your blog. So share your every blog entry URL on famous Social medias (e.g. Facebook, Google+, Twitter and so forth.) this won’t just expand your online blog movement additionally support your Alexa Rank by getting likes, shares and sharing of your articles.

9) Update your Blog Regularly

This is the most essential element which helps in increasing the Alexa Ranking. If you won’t consistently update your blog Alexa Rank will go down and after that it turns out to be difficult to bring back you Alexa Ranking once more. So, I unequivocally prescribe you to upgrade your site consistently to let people visiting your blog regularly.

10) Submit your Blogs in Directories

Numerous blog catalogs /directories are accessible on the web in which blogs are stored category wise. Presenting your blog (or blog entry) in these directories through guest postings will make prominent inlink connections to your blog. It will increase your number of visitors and make backlinks to your website. In this way, great quality backlinks will be achieved that plays a significant part in expanding PR and henceforth enhancing Alexa Rank.

11) Fix All Broken Links

This is one of most vital point to be considered if there is occurrence of Alexa Rank as well as in the presence of AdSense and other Ranking factors. If your site/blog have numerous broken connections then it unquestionably influences your Alexa Ranking, you’re ranking will go down. Even AdSense won’t endorse the websites which has numerous broken links. However, you can utilize Free Broken Link Checker to check/find broken links rapidly and guarantee your online blog doesn’t contain any broken connections.

12) Get Dugg or Stumbled

 This typically conveys huge quantities of guests to your site and the pure sum will positively affect your Alexa Rank. Actually, you’ll have to create link creditable content to dugged and stumbled again and again.

13) Use Payper Click Campaigns

Purchasing ads spaces on famous search engines, for example, Google, Baidu or Bing will get alot of visitors. Twice as valuable when your advertisement is very much related to searched content.

14) Create an Alexa Category

Make an Alexa category on your web site and use it to incorporate any articles or news about Alexa. This goes about as an effortlessly available asset for webmasters or regular hunt guests while helping you rank in the web indexes.

15) Optimize your Popular Posts

Got a latest post that reliably gets alot of traffic from the famous search engines? Incorporate a gadget/chart at the base of the post, connection to your Alexa post or utilize Alexa redistribution on your incoming URLs.

16) Buy Banner Ads and Links

Purchase banner ads and links for alot of traffic from webmasters forums and reputable websites/blogs. An unmistakable and all around showed promotion will drive bunches of webmasters visitors to your site, which can essentially support your Alexa rank.

17) Webmasters tools section

Create a webmasters tools section on your website/blog. This can work a frequent visiting point for webmasters who will use it for accessing webmaster tools.

18) Pay Cybercafe Owners

Pay Cybercafe proprietors to install the Alexa toolbar on their computers and set your site as the landing page for every one of their PCs. This may be hard to organize and isn’t generally a reasonable thing to do usually. Though a few people suggest that is works great sometime.

19) Use My Space

This is somewhat cool so you don’t suggest it unless they are truly intrigued by falsely blowing up their Alexa Rank. Utilize outwardly alluring pictures or posts and join them to your diverted Alexa URL. This will be best if your site has content that is really important to the My Space Crowd.

20) Try Alexa auto-surfs

Do they work? Possibly for fresh out of the plastic new locales. I think they are for the most part suitable for new sites with an extremely poor Alexa rank. Note that there be issues when you attempt to utilize auto surfs close by relevant advertisements like AdSense. They aren’t likewise long haul answers for enhancing your Alexa Rank so I recommend utilizing with alert.


These were the main 20 Tips to Increase Alexa Ranking. Alexa Ranking is broadly acknowledged all over World. Some bloggers/webmasters increases Alexa Rank rapidly. The mystery behind this is to “Get Traffic from bloggers”. If they get a lot of visitors from famous blogs and websites implement most of the above points atleast initial 10, then your Alexa Rank will definitely be increased. In this manner it is concluded that Alexa high Ranking is the right answer for site ranking.

Written by Sobia; Edited by AJ


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