Tips to Find and Remove Stolen Content

Stealing of Content

Stealing means that taking someone property without legal right but when we talk in context of website it refers to plagiarism which means stealing someone’s content without his/her permission. There are several rules and regulation about plagiarism that ought to be followed when you are taking some content from any other site.

Steps when your content is stolen

Following are the steps and issues that are related with the issue of content stealing

  1. Tracking down the source and taking action
  2. Contact the thief
  3. Gather information and evidence
    – Cease and Desist Order
    – Contact their Advertisers
    – Request for ban from Search Engine
  4. Register your Copyrights

Tips to Find and Remove Stolen Content

1)  Google Alerts

This is a first-rate tool to check plagiarism and prevent your content from being copied. All you have to do is just paste a brief extract of your content in this tool and this tool will let you know about the sites which are using your content without your permission. Google alerts are merely electronic mail alerts.

2)  Copyscape

This is an easy to use tool for people who put out a lot of content to their sites. It is also an admirable tool all you need to do is to copy your URL and this tool will let you know that who is stealing your content. But the premium version of this tool is not free of cost.

3)  Who Is Hosting This

Major concern of this is to remove the content that is stolen.  Go to the site Who Is Hosting This and just type URL of the site who is stealing your content without your authorization. This tool works very tough for you as the most difficult thing is finding out that who is hosting the site which is involved in plagiarism.

4)  Google Webmaster Tool-DMCA Complaint

You can case a Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This is a complex tool to use and should only be preferred when someone is getting high rating of the content that is stolen from your site. If you find your content stolen you can simply submit a complaint directly to Google. 

5)  Google Search Authorship

You should set GoogleAuthorship to avoid plagiarism when you are publishing article on regular basis. If someone steels your content, Google will notify that you are the author of that particular article and then your domain is ranked in comparison with the site who has stolen your content.

6)  Tynt

It is a package that empowers webmasters to take delivery of report when some content is copied. Tynt works in a manner that when possessor of the site enters code in tynt it will start to quest that what content is copied. It also provides us with the information that how many times your content is being copied.

7)  WordPress Copy Protect

This is a plugin that put out of action the option of right click and other roles that are helpful in plagiarism. This is the best way to restrict impersonators. This will deactivate the option of selection of your content and hence increase the prevention of your content from being stolen.

8)  Hotlink Protection

This is used to prevent from bandwidth thieves by blocking the content according to your choice. This tool works in the following manner that it will disable the embedded media. This restriction can be customized by selecting the type of media which you want to prevent from being stolen.

9)  Password Protected Pages

This is a tranquil an effective way to prevent your content from being copied. By using this you will be limiting authorization. The view of your content is restricted and the users which are authorized are able to see the content. There are many ways to implement this concept but the most widely used ways are authentication by username and password or by using Content Management System.

10) Watermark Images

This is also an effective way to evade from plagiarism. This is an unsophisticated technique although it cannot prevent your content from being copied but this is helpful in the way that it will indicate the real owners to the particular article. But now it is not much effective because many tools for photo editing are available like Adobe Photoshop etc.

Written by Warda, Edited by AJ


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