Tips for Keyword Research: How to Discover Profitable / Best Keywords for Your Blog

When you are working as a blogger then this is a very important topic as the main concern or hurdle is about the selection of the topic on which you are going to write and attract large number of viewers. The most and tricky task is searching about the topic once you are succeeded in finding the appropriate and demanding topic they are one step behind your success.

The only reason due to which many bloggers have to face failure is that they are not writing the topics which are in demand. This is simply a misconception that you will start earning through the blog without any effort. In writing an article time, cost and effort are used. And if effort cost and time are not used in a proper manner than it will be wasted and you are left with nothing.

  A common fact is that the thing which is not demanded by the people in unable to make its place in the market. Same is the case with the blog. You have a well-established blog with best user interface and best content but in that content or topic no one is interested so in this case all your effort will be wasted.

          Now moving towards the next step which is discovering the keywords how to find new keywords? And what tactic should be applied in finding out new keywords?  The factors affecting the keywords are also mentioned here. And how to find the keywords which are beneficial for your site is very important.

Factors affecting the keyword search:

Keyword Concentration

It refers to the percentage of keyword present within the webpage. This percentage is dependent upon the search engine and changes with the change in search engine. As goggle has different standards for percentage of keyword and other keyword have different percentage.  It’s a very important factor in ranking.

Keyword Rate of recurrence

As the name depicts it is related with the occurrence of keyword in a blog. It is matter of common fact the greater is the number of that keyword in the blog the greater will be the resemblance with that query and your site ranking will get higher.

Keyword Importance

It refers to the pattern in which the keyword is presented. Is that keyword is given importance in your blog which means it is used in heading tag or what? It also affects the ranking of your site and depicts the relevance of your blog.

Keyword resemblance

It is the count of the words which are similar to one another with slight difference. It is very good for a blog to have resemblance in the keywords because it will increase the ranking of your blog.

Techniques for discovering the cost-effective keywords

When you are going to search the keywords then there are some important techniques which should be kept in mind and these tactics are stated as under:

  1. Look for the keywords with long length

Keywords are very important for increasing your ranking and in improving the search. Keywords are essential part of building a successful blog.

There are many tools which will let you know about the all the keywords present and their usage and their cost. And these tools will help you to get the most profitable keywords.

Follow these steps in first search the topic on which you are going to write then search the related keywords in that search you have to make it sure that you are going to use long tail keywords. And then analyze those selected keywords and begin to write.

  1. Dig out the opposition

 The next step after making a list of all the long-tail keywords is that we will make a search to find the most competent keyword. The greater the competition in a keyword greater will be the ranking.

As the competition shows that this particular keyword is searched more than the other and on the other hand the keywords which have less competition shows that it is not searched by people frequently.

So select the words which have more competition.  And there are many tools available for this and moreover you can also find the competition of the words which are you using.

  1. Adopt the changes:

The demand of the market does not remain same. As the time changes the trends also show variation. People are not searching for the same topic all the time so you should be remain focused in order to get knowledge about the trends and get to know about what is in demand?

And in order to get knowledge about the people interest and the most popular there are many tools available and the most popular and trusted tool is called Google Trends.

  1. Take help from the analysis you made

There are many tools which will let you about the current status of your site and also let you know about the keywords which are working well for you and the keywords which are not in demand are shown.

And by taking help from this tactic you will be able to get the mostly used or profitable keywords.

  1. Words suggested by Google

This is a common practice that whenever you are going for something you only half or your query and your desired answer is shown to you in no time. Now you are doing half of the work and the rest of the work is done by the goggle itself. So all you do is to take advantage from this feature of Google.

All you will do is to write only your topic heading and a list of suggested keywords will be shown to you and these keywords are developed on the basis of user understanding. And this is the most frequently used practice and best practice which can be adopted for getting useful keywords.


It is a best tool which let you know about the keywords which are used by different sites and are getting large number of viewers. For a blogger who is unable to increase the number of viewers can take help from the keywords used by other popular bloggers using SEMRUSH.

This tool will let you all about your competitors and by taking help from this you can flourish day and night. And this tool serves for searching the most useful keywords. And without using any tool even though you can access the keyword of the blog by viewing the code of the website by simply clicking on view page source and then all the coding and keywords will be crystal clear in front of you.

  1. Alexa:

This is a tool for finding out the keywords which are proving to be beneficial for the site either it’s your site or site of your competitors.

By using you can get all the information about your opponent. And when you can view the keywords which are generating revenue for your opponent you can also use those keywords and can increase the ranking of your blog in a tremendous way. So this is also a powerful tactic for finding the best suited keyword.

  1. Free Tools

Along with these free tools there are many tools which offer you all the services for free. If you are new to the blogging filed and you don’t know anything about working of this market and how to attract number of viewers and it is best for a new blogger to make use of these free online tools. When your blog is in a position of earing than you should moves towards these tools for buying which have paid version. And the reason that the results shown by the paid tools is better than free tools.

The tools like WordStream are offering free trail for some days. So in these days use that software for pointing to the keywords which will be beneficial for you in longer terms. Along with WordStream there is a list of tools which offers the trail version and after you are satisfied you can make decision about purchasing that software or not.  So you can also get help from these online tools.

Conclusion: Selections of keywords are most important step in developing the blog. And keywords are the words which are used by the user for searching their query for this reason they are very important. The greater a keyword is popular the greater will be the number of viewers. And all the tactics and tips are explained for searching keywords. So these points should be kept in mind for searching keywords.

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