Tips / How to Increase Domain Authority of Blog / Website

Before jumping to the techniques to enhance the domain authority we shall first understand that what domain authority is and what is the role of this domain authority in progress of your blog?

Domain authority is the supremacy of site on other blogs. And this supremacy is dependent on many factors which includes the following:

  1. Period of that site
  2. Fame of blog
  3. Magnitude of site

On the basis of these factors the authority of any particular site should be ranked.

Goggle wants to provide the clients with the best results. For this purpose the authority of any site matters a lot. And here is the reason due to which many newly developed sites are doomed to failure.

If you want to make your site popular and traffic gaining site then pay attention to authority of your domain.

Examining domain authority

There are many ways to check the authority of your domain. There are many online tools available for this purpose. Through which you can check the level of your site authority.  But the most appropriate method is by using Moz toolbar. And it will give you the most accurate result of your domain authority.

Now some techniques are discussed in order to increases the domain authority. These techniques have direct impact on the ranking of your site.

  1. Commercialize your content

Besides posting of the content and removing plagiarism the most important factor is to make people aware of your site and the content. If you don’t market your site than you are left with nothing as you are wasting your day and time, your effort on a site and as a result you are left with nothing.

So when you want to generate revenue from your site and make it popular among the audience then you have to market your content using different means. As greater the number of audience greater will be revenue. So use your entire mean to commercialize your site.

As most of the popular sites are earning just by making their site commercialize and most of the sites which are facing failure are just because they are not marketing their sites as a result they are unable to attract a huge amount of traffic and consequently those sites will be demolished.  So in order to prevent your site from being past do commercialize.

  1. Build interior associations to your posts

Now this point falls under the category of reviewing. After the posting of the content review is an important step. This step will enhance the credibility of your site. And when your ranking will be improved you will surely get huge traffic.

And resultantly your site domain authority will increase. And this is the most important technique in increasing domain authority. Now the question arises that how to build internal links? And what are internal links? Internal links means linking your one article to the related article. Internal link should be related with one and other. Avoid adding irrelevant links.

Special caution should be paid to the number of links added. Most appropriate number of links in a post is 1 to 4. The number of links should also be limited don’t stuff your post with only internal links because it will decrease customer trust on you.

  1. Develop a user friendly site

Usability plays a very important role in attracting a huge amount of traffic. Because it is hard to find the required data from most websites so if are able to overcome this difficulty then you will surely able to get huge amount of traffic.

The site should be user friendly. The color combination, visibility issues, consistency are some points which ought to be followed. There is a complete subject of human computer interaction on making the site attractive and usable.

If the user finds a site uninteresting and complex he or she will definitely not visit that site again. As a result your site will lose the customer trust. The required data should easily be available to the customer. So pay proper attention to the usability.

  1. Make use of SEO techniques OFF page:

Besides the techniques which are utilized on page. There are also some activities which are except on page these are called OFF page techniques.

These techniques include making relationship with the popular bloggers and increasing your social circle. Now this can be achieved by commenting on different blogs and by bookmarking other blogs. In this way you will be able to get critics by different people and will gain opportunity to amend your site.

  1. Utilize social media:

Now there are many ways for commercializing your content. But with the passage of time the ways of marketing are also changed tremendously. In the past marketing was done through advertisements boards or by explaining their product to different universities or by opening different offices in different cities. All these techniques were time consuming and needs a lot of budget.

But now everything is changed. The ways of marketing are changed in a tremendous way. Now time and budget is being saved by doing online marketing. The content on the site is being commercialized using social media. Social media include Facebook, twitter, Orkut etc. These above mentioned media groups are best for marketing your content.

If social media is overlooked than you have to face failure ultimately. So in order to make your blog popular and to achieve our goal of increasing the authority of your domain use social media effectively. Through social media we can communicate through people living far away from us.

  1. Your content should be authentic in order to build trust level:

The content which are posting should be beneficial to the user or audience. Irrespective of your business also think about the benefit of your audience. The content should be productive for you as well also for the viewer.

As the authenticity of your domain increases your ranking will also increase. As in goggle ranking the trustworthiness of the content matters a lot because Google wants to provide the audience with the best and proven result.

For this focus on impressive content which is able to grasp the attention of the viewer at a glance.  This factor plays an important role in increasing the ranking.

  1. Wait for the success of your blog:

After developing the blog and taking all the essential steps for promoting your blog don’t panic. Just wait and be patient because it’s a time taking process. As it is clearly stated in the domain age that the span of any particular site also matters a lot so time is taken process by any site to build its good will.

So people are of the view point that their blog will flourish in a night which is completely wrong. Its takes time for a blog to attract huge amount of traffic and to generate revenue.

  1. Don’t use wrong practice of SEO:

SEO techniques are very important role in gaining traffic. There are also some wrong methods for attracting the viewers. Now if you want to increase the domain authority keep yourself away from this bad practice.

And check all the practical features of SEO are working fine and are used properly or not? Because if you are using wrong practice like buying links then ultimately you will have to face failure. So use right way to increase the traffic of your blog. Focus only on the quality and success will comes towards you and you don’t have to use wrong method.

Conclusion: Power of the domain matters a lot and after calculating and checking the authority of any domain and if you find any loop hole then cover it by using the above mentioned techniques to increase the domain range. And if you overlook these your domain age will also reduce consequently your site will be left with nothing.

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