Tips for Beginning Connection with Renowned Bloggers

Importance of communication

Networking plays very important role in the success of a person. There are many ways in order to develop relations with the bloggers. Relations can be established using social media. Your social circle plays a vital role in making your blog successful. In this article some of the techniques which will help to establish relation with the most popular bloggers are discussed.

Give your Product to the Bloggers for Free

This is the first and most important technique which is used by the beginners to establish relation with the popular bloggers. This also serves as an important technique of marketing. In order to build strong and long term relationships with bloggers first give them free service.

Offer your product for free to the blogger in starting. After using your product or content if they find it satisfactory they will be in a condition to promote your product and content. Provide them with the best and authentic content so that they are satisfied with your working.

When the content is authentic and product is reliable popular bloggers will promote your content or product. So this technique serves as an important for establishing and flourishing relations.

Providing Hosting to Occasions

The second most renowned technique is hosting their product. Try to promote and support their occasions and events. This help can be either financial or moral. You can also provide them place for conducting the events. Or you can sponsor their events.

In this they will be highly obliged to you and will be helpful in future. If you act as a facilitator to them they will in return provide a platform to promote your product and will buy your product.

 On applying this technique you will get a platform and a mutual relation is established. In which both are facilitating each other.

Be Cooperative

Cooperate in every aspect of blogging whether it is marketing, providing them with quality content, helping them in establishing business, getting marketing shares, managing man power or anything else.

As well as provide them with the authentic response.  This will increase your worth in front of blogger.  And they will increase your place in their business and they will consider you as an essential part of their blog.

Follow the Concept of Entrepreneurship

When you are trying to build relations with the bloggers in the mean while the bloggers may be working with many other people. Now why should they select you? This is an important question which should be answered. And the answer of this question is that you should provide them with a unique service which is not offered by anyone else.

This unique service can be of any type including the some unique product, free service or any other thing. When you will offer them with a unique service this will enhance your image in front of the bloggers.

When you are offering some unique service, then you will be given preference over your competitors. This will be serving as an opportunity for your relation.

Try to Become their Marketing Manager

The popular bloggers must be doing marketing through some social media which include twitter, Facebook, orkut etc. But there are some chances that they are not using the most effective social media or are not paying proper attention to that effective media.

So what should be your role in this case? In this case you should help in promoting their blog. You should serve them as a marketing manager and will help them in promoting their sites. And after pointing out their lapse in marketing take steps to fill that gap.

If your technique is effective they will be able to get huge traffic and will be able to generate revenue. Through this tip there trust level will increase and they will be highly obliged to you for this act.

Conversation with Bloggers

As conversation plays a very important in today’s life. One can get information about other person through communication. This shows that communication is an essential part of success as well of building strong and long term relationship.

There are many communication ways. If the blogger lives within your city or country in that case you can communicate by arranging some meeting or on before or after any event. And if the blogger is living far away from you than you can communicate with blogger by video call through Viber or Skype or any other medium.

So in this way the relationship between the blogger and you will get stronger and stronger and you will be able to learn many informative things from that blogger.  These communications serve as a vital part in developing strong and healthy relations and maintaining them.

Point Out their Flaws

In this procedure point out all the lope holes which are left out by the blogger. By pointing out their flaws you will be in their good books. And with your help they will gain height of success. After pointing out all the loop holes also tell them the ways through which these loop holes can be covered.

And try to gain their confidence and trust. Once you are successful in gaining their trust you are not far from the heights of success.

After this service of yours they will ask you again and again about the blog. And will appreciate your knowledge and skills and truthfulness. And this is the most important factor in developing string relations.

Try to Become their Client

In order to develop relations with popular bloggers you should play an active role. Act as an active client of the blog. Share their posts on Facebook and other social media try to increase their ranking. Do also actively comment and respond to every post on their blog.

When those blogger see that you are their active customer they will quickly respond to your comments.

And this tip will help in developing strong relationship with the blogger. And in the end strong and long term relationships will be developed between you and that blogger.


Top blogger will help you out in marketing and exhibiting your product. As the popular bloggers have connections with many people which mean that they have large social cycle so in this aspect they will help you out to sale your product. And for the staunch and never ending relationships there are some rules and regulations in the market. And all the rules and ways are discussed above. If you want to develop such relationship you are ought to follow these rules.


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