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What are keywords?

Keywords are the words through which user access your site. In simple, as an end user then the words typed by you in any search engine are the keywords.  Now moving towards the type of keywords:

There are two types of keywords

  1. Short tail keywords
  2. Long tail keywords

Keywords which are shorter in length are known as short tail keywords and the keywords with longer length are called long tail keywords.

Now the question is which are more beneficial for your site? And the answer of this that short tail keywords are not helpful in attracting huge amount of traffic and in order to increase the ranking.

Impact of keywords on your site

Long tail keywords are very beneficial for your site. They will not only increase the ranking of your site but it also increases the number of viewers.

Most of the people are totally ignoring this field of making search about the keywords. All they do is develop site, get a domain name and start on writing the content without thinking so much. And due to this reason people failed to gain traffic and increase the ranking of your site. This is the reason people fail to get large number of viewers.

So pay proper heed and time for searching the keywords because all the other progress of your site is dependent on keywords.

How to search the long keywords

Now after all the discussion about the keywords many people are asking the question that from where we can find long tail keywords? As many people are unaware of the strategies which can be applied for finding the long tail keywords.

And the answer of this question is that there are many tools available in the market which would help you out to find out the long tail keywords.  And list of those tools have been stated and described below.

Steps for finding the Long Keywords

  1. Select the topic on which you are going to read
  2. After selection of topic go to any available tools and type the word their
  3. And after that a long list of keywords will be shown to you
  4. From those list select the words with long tail rather than short tail

Tools available for keyword search

  1. Keyword Planner:

Keyword is an awesome tool for searching out the long tail keywords.

  1. All you do is to type the word in the search bar and then click on get ideas.
  2. After click all the keywords will be displaced at your screen.
  3. Along with these keywords the primacy of every keyword is also shown.
  4. Type the word which has high priority in the long tail discrepancies box.
  5. The best fitted keyword will be shown to you

And this keyword will serve a heading of your document.

  1. Hit Trail

This tool has trail version and in order to use this tool for long time you need to buy this tool. But the facilities provided by this tool make you to buy this tool at any cost. It will provide you with the keywords which are helpful to you in longer term.

Along with providing with the long term keywords it also provides you the functionality of checking your ranking on different search engines. In this way you can improve your ranking on different search engines.

  1. WordTracker Keyword Tool

This is very useful tool for increasing and getting large number of viewers. Many people think that it is not useful tool for searching keyword but this is due to the fact they are not aware of its countless features due to which they are not finding this software appropriate for long keyword searching.

 It is not only confined to the functionality of telling you about the keywords but it also let you know about the effectiveness of the keyword and also the proportion in which that keyword is searched.  So in this you can write on the most demanded keywords and can improve ranking of your site tremendously.

  1. Long Tail pro

It is also a paid tool and its trail version is also available for testing. If you are satisfied with the product than you can buy it otherwise you can move to any other software but it is the best tool available as it also let you know about the frequency of the keyword along with the long tail keywords.

 Tips for using Long Tail keywords

There are many sites which are ranked higher by taking benefit from long tail keywords.  Now long tail keywords will definitely improve the number of visitors on your site but they are not directly related with the search engines ranking as ranking depends upon the content which you are going to write for the audience.

All the traffic is attracted towards the first link but still there are few opportunities for the other links.

Now focus on the content. Your content should be effective, informative, devoid of plagiarism, though provoking and authentic. These are the keys for increasing your ranking on search engines.

But along with these mentioned factors one vital factor is the keyword search, try to search such a keyword which matches more searches. As your keyword is matching with more related keywords you will be able to get large number of traffic. Because your site can be shown for same query asked in different manner. And when your result is shown to many people you will surely get higher ranking.

Misconception about the keyword search

  • There are many people which are against the keyword search and are of the view point that you should not go for keyword searching. But it is just a misconception long tail keyword has definitely positive impact on the ranking on your site. So don’t avoid keyword searching and there are also many bloggers which are able to attract large number of viewers just because of long tail keywords.
  • Focusing only on long tail keyword and overlooking the quality content and the content which has high readability that there is no surety of getting large number of viewers.
  • Give preference to both types of keywords. As the consequences of using long tail keyword will be fruitful after long time period. So try to use both these keywords side by side. And this will be proven when you will use the tools for keywords search. That there are certain words which are longer and have no rivalry while you will also see that there are certain words which are of short length but are of much competition in the comparison to the long tail keywords.
  • It is mostly thought that the keywords are cheap it is somehow true to some extent but you will also see certain keywords which are more valuable even then short tail keywords. So due to this reason don’t rely on this fact that the Long term keywords are only cheap sometime they are very expensive.
  • You will observe that in most cases the website which is shown at the top of the ranking by search engine is not getting noticed or viewed by the user. And the reason behind this the heading matters a lot in getting huge number of viewers. So pay proper heed to the headings and keywords. If you are ranked on number one by search engine that you will come to know about the fact the headings matters a lot in getting large number of viewers.

Conclusion: All the factors that play there role in increasing your ranking have been elaborated. The importance of long tail keywords the factors which affects the ranking and number of visitors along with long tail keywords are also listed. The tips for using the long tail keywords are also mentioned.

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