Things to do After Writing / Posting First Blog Post / Article

Blogging have some rules and tactics if any blogger follows those tactics and rules no one can stop his or her blog to flourish.  Many steps are involved in developing a new blog. The first step is the development of the blog after development of blog you have to select a name of your blog and after selection of name you will move towards the content writing. Now all the work in blogging is about the content.  After all registration of blog your main concern is writing a thought provoking content and get huge amount of traffic.

In this article we are going to discuss the strategies which you can apply by a new blogger after he or she has posted his or her first article. If you are new to the market this article will serve as a guideline for you.

Present your blog to the search Engines

Now all the ranking is done by search engines. And the first priority of the search engine is to present their audience with best content. As your site can be searched through search engines so make your site so effective which can be accessed by search engines easily.

When you write any query in the search engine. It will display the best results to you. You can see that it gives you will lot of links of different sites. This ranking is done by search engine. So search engines should be aware of your site in order to show it to the viewers.

All this indexing is done by web search device. So you should register your site to this web search device. Search for Goggle Webmaster tool and enter URL of your site in that tool and also submit sitemap of your site this is very essential for increasing ranking of your site.

Use social media

Marketing plays a crucial role in popularity of your site. How people will come to know that you have written content of their interest? Now this is a point where social media plays its role. There are also some tactics for utilizing the social media. There are many groups in Facebook and Twitter. Take advantage of these groups and post a link of your post in these groups.

Through the link you shared in social media you will able to get large number of viewers. And now selecting that which media you are going to use is very important. Twitter is much effective than all other social media present.

And in social media post you article again and again with regular intervals of time. If you ignore social media you blog will surely fails to gain large amount of traffic.

Start commenting on other blogs

The most effective and used method for getting traffic to your blog is to comment on posts of others blogs.  When you will comment on their blog than people will also view your blog.

This can happen that you may know the answer of the question which is asked in another blog. Or you have any related article to that blog. Then in that case you will give a link of your blog at the commenting box. In this way the people interested in that topic will surely view your blog and will continue reading your article.

When you are able to build relations with popular blogger they will also help you to market your content and you will able to learn tricks for improving your blog and consequently your blog will be able to get large amount of traffic.

Give related posts at the end

This is a basic rule or practice in order to involve the audience in your blog. When a person opens your blogs so now it’s your task to keep that person indulge. And question arises that how can keep the audience indulged? The answer is to use prediction technique on the basis of interest of a person.

Give the list of related article at the end of every post. In this way a person will keep on more and more articles. As a result he or she will spend more time on your blog.

So this technique is very important for increasing your ranking and getting large number of viewers. If you overlook this technique then the person will remain confine to only one article otherwise he will read three or four articles.

As you go to YouTube just to watch a particular video but keep on seeing many videos due to the relevancy in those articles.

Play an active role

Don’t leave your blog after development much time and effort is to be put in order to gain traffic and generate revenue. Act as active person on your blog otherwise people will find your blog dull and boring and will ultimately moves away from your blog as a result you have to tolerate loss of your effort and time.

How to play an active role? Reply to the comments of the viewer and keep on marketing your posts. You should visit your blog daily and reply to all the comments but do not remain confined to your own blog but also comment to your opponent blog.

When you play an active role people will like to ask question and also given preference to your blog rather than other blogs.

Check the number of viewers

Now this issue is raised again and again in SEO and that is the number of viewers matter a lot. And try to post the articles which are related to the topic in which people are interested.  You should focus on the topics and content which is demanded by the audience.

In developing and making a blog hit you ought to follow this crucial step. You are wasting your time and effort on such a thing which is not fruitful than you are surely wasting your time and effort. So first of all search the market and make sure that the thing which you are going is in need of the people. And write on the topic which has large number of viewers because it will tell you about the taste and liking of people.

If you trying to be innovative and launch something which is no longer needed by people then you will unable to generate traffic and improve ranking of your site. And ultimately are your effort will go in vein and you are left with nothing. So pay special attention to this point.

Upload more content

There are some rules and regulations for increasing your ranking and one of them is daily updating. The sites which are updated on daily basis have higher ranking than the blogs which are not updated daily.

So for this reason write your content daily. This is the next step after you have posted your first article. Now keep on writing and don’t stop after you have written your first post.

And the post which is going to write should be free from all types of errors and try to write the post before uploading date. This will reduce the error chances and you will be able to deliver authentic content to the audience. In this way your blog ranking will be enhanced in a tremendous way.

Try to improve your ranking

Search has list of webpages available and from that list it makes selection on the basis of many factors which include authenticity of content, plagiarism of the content and the quality of the uploaded content.

Goggle or any other search engine may put your webpage aside so in order to avoid this submit your webpage to web tool master. This tool will help you to get your site indexed by search engine quickly and easily.

This is not meant for getting huge traffic indeed this is for making your site popular and increasing the rank of your blog in comparison with other blogs. If your blog is highly ranked in comparison to others it will be shown to the audience first.

Conclusion: Above mentioned are all the strategies which should be followed by the new blogger. And it would be quite helpful for a new blogger. Because some blogger are able to write their first post but they further don’t know that what they should do? So in that case follow these steps and then you are far from being a successful blogger. These point ought to be followed after writing or publishing your first post.

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