The Best Email Marketing and Newsletter Application

When a post is published, it becomes the main concern for you to make that post reachable by maximum people. How would you achieve this? You may do it by sharing your content on social media or newspaper or through emails. Now, it can be done within a couple of minutes and you reach your target client.

You must be thinking now, which medium to use for catching your desired clients and sending them an email newsletter?

There are a lot of Email Marketing Tools designed for this purpose. You can use any of them to send an email to a wide range of clients. You can pick up the top best Email marketing tool to send email newsletters. Email marketing is the best bet to gain more eyes on your content that’s why it is said that you can’t be a perfect Blogger without Email Marketing.

Why you need an Email Marketing App?

Besides Gmail, Hotmail or any other email App; why there is a need to use a specific App for Email Marketing? It is so, because there are some limitations on these services while sending email to a group. Email Marketing App let you to track the success of your email marketing campaign.

Here we have listed a few Email Marketing Tools for your ease. These tools will help you in sending beautifully formatted emails.

Top 5 Best Email Marketing App

1)  Active Campaign

Sometimes sending emails becomes a boring task and you just start losing interest; it becomes difficult to write that email content that grab the reader’s attention. But no tension anymore, Active Campaign has made this task interesting and attractive. This App includes a full featured email editor that let you write attractive emails. Active Campaign App provides a drag and drop editor by using it you can arrange the email’s content according to your own choice. It also provides you a better way to organize your client’s information and arrange your content according to their interest.

Active campaign provides different account types, you can upgrade to Active Campaign’s plus or Enterprise plans. It costs $9 per month for 500 emails and $49 per month for full email marketing and CRM suite.

2)  AWeber

Here comes another great tool that is AWeber. This tool allows you to broadcast your emails with attachments. It provides you with a number of templates and free stock picture, which you can use to make your emails look attractive. There is also an option of draft page where you can preview your written email, save it as a draft and send it later.

This tool can integrates with WordPress, PayPal and Facebook. It offers two mobile Apps; one to keep the track of your email and other one to add subscribers to your contact list. You have to pay for sending emails through AWeber, price starts from $19 per month for 500 emails.

3)  MailChimp

MailChimp is an Email Marketing Tool which provides nine different mobile apps that let you to check your email status plus allows you to send email newsletter based on the pictures you captured on your mobile. This tool also provides drag and drop editor to write emails. It also sends emails automatically on the time scheduled.

4)  Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email provides a variety of design options to organize email content. It is highly affordable as compared to the other Email Marketing Tools, as it starts from $9.95 per month for 600 emails. It provides both the drag and drop editor (no coding required), plus the plain text editor where you can design emails with your own code.

5)  BombBomb

BombBomb is another Email Marketing Tool that allows you to send videos with the email. This tool also allows you to schedule your emails, which will automatically send your emails afterwards. You can easily send and receive the emails with videos attached, but it somehow disturbs the text emails.

Its price starts from $39 per month for 2500 contacts.


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