The Beginners Guide to Start Email Marketing

In the field of blogging, Social marketing is not the only successful method of getting bulk of traffic towards your website. Another important method is Email Marketing. If you start doing email marketing in an organized manner then it would become easy to promote your online business. Email Marketing refers to send an email to a number of people, where email content includes a direct advertisement message or a link to your website. The main focus of Email Marketing is on increasing the number of returning traffic.

Email Marketing is the best option to use, if you want to promote your website online and want to get more visitors. For example, when you want to sell your products you would send emails to subscribers offering them discounts. So how Email Marketing works in blogging? This article is the beginners guide to start email marketing.

Email Marketing needs your attention and time, otherwise it may become a biggest failure. If you just copy one email and send it to more than 100k people then it will not give you a positive result.

Email Marketing is actually the accomplishment of ones goals. It’s a good practice to analyze your emails on the basis of statistics you get after sending them. Implement your previous experience to send new emails.

How to start Email Marketing as a Professional Blogger

How to Organise Your Email

As a new Email Marketer, the first step that you should know is what content to put in an email that has the power to persuade people and make them click on the link that points your website. You must have to create a plan that shows your final achievement; without a plan you cannot start marketing. Before planning, you need to decide what will be your main concern after sending the bulk of emails; is it to get traffic or to sell products?

The email’s content should be specified in such a way that not only grabs the people attention but also compels them to visit your website by clicking on the link.

Users are not Fish

If you consider your audience as a Fish and choose wrong ways to get them on your website forcefully. They will be trapped easily but when they get your email next time, there might also be a risk that they will block you or unsubscribe your blog. The content of the email has an important role in Email Marketing. While writing content, keep in mind these two questions: why will people read your email and why will they click on your link? Try to mention the benefits within the content, that what would people get if they read your email.

The Message

In Email Marketing, the message is the content of email. It is the most important part and plays significant role. While writing the message, you have to make sure that the message is well written, persuading, motivational, compelling to click on the given link. The message should create an emotional attachment with the readers plus it should be beneficial.

Track the sent Email

The main job after sending the emails is to track them. As a professional blogger it is a good practice to keep track of your sent emails. What does tracking means? It means to check how many times your email is read and clicked by the people. You can also see who has read your email. You can track the CTR of the sent email, if the CTR is high it means the result is positive and you are doing right work. If the CTR is low, then there is the need to change the content of the emails.

If you skip this step, then you will never become able to know whether your content is popular among the users or not. Therefore you should keep track of your sent Emails so that you will be able to know your mistakes and can improve them while sending new emails.

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