Techniques Which are Helpful in Gaining Huge Traffic Using Twitter

In marketing social media plays a very important role. Social media includes Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, Goggle+ and many more. But in this particular article we will discuss the techniques which can be used for marketing using Twitter. I think most of the bloggers are using Twitter, isn’t it? So in order to get huge traffic follows these listed techniques:

Post should be Precise

Twitter permits you to write a post of maximum 140 words. But the point is, don’t make use of all these words. Because if you make use of all these words the post will become lengthy and boring and it is not able to grasp the attention of the viewer.

It is proved by experiences that most popular tweets are of 110 words.  As these tweets are relative and precise so your followers fill find it easy to read these tweets as a result you will be able to get more followers and consequently will get huge traffic.

If your posts are extended the followers don’t read those tweets or will leave the post after reading the half post. The posts which comprise of 80-90 words are more effective and able to get more followers. If you extent the post all your effort and time will be wasted and the desired results cannot be achieved.

Use Images

It is commonly known that images speak louder than words and one image is equivalent to thousands words. The same idea and concept is explained in this point. In writing the tweets use images. Embed related images in the tweets.

Write one two lines about the tweet and then proceed towards the images. Images should be interactive and must be most relevant to the topic. When you embed images in the tweet people will find your tweet interactive and you will be able to get huge amount of followers.

Image will help you get large amount of followers as well as huge amount of traffic as result revenue is generated.

Try to Get Idea About Your Topic by Polling

On what topic you are going to write? This is an important and most complicated question which is to be answered. Now here is the solution of this problem. Twitter helps you to solve this problem. Take help from your followers and ask them about the problems they are facing in their business or in daily life.

Now this is the point from where you can get help. After polling you will be successful in getting the most demanded topic and the results are not only restricted to this.  When you will write quality content about the most demanding topic you will be able to get huge number of viewers.

So try to dig out the idea using this polling technique. Social media is quite helpful in making you a popular blogger.

Develop Trust

This point is also worth mentioning. Try to develop a trust relation between you and the followers. And serve them with the authentic content. When you provide them with the authentic content as a result they will give preference your tweets and on the information which you are providing.

Now here question arises that how to give such information? For this you can also give links of the other blogs which are authentic and trustworthy. So main focus should be on the quality content whether it is on your site or on some other blog. Accept your competitors.

If you continue on sharing your content whether it is authentic or not you will unable to get huge followers. And as a result promotion will fail consequently.

Give Importance to Time

The time of tweets is very important. The time in which twitter has more traffic should be selected. The time selection also plays an important role in getting large number of followers and viewers.

And the perfect timing for making tweet is the daytime as people are mostly using the social media in daytime. The tweet can also be made in night but this will not generate much followers. Irrespective of the time the day in which you are making tweet is also plays a vital role. The tweets should be done in the weekends as most of the people are free on weekends and are using social media effectively.

If the tweet is not made on the right time and day all your effort will go in vain. And the result will be quite lower from the desired.

Ask for Your Followers to Tweet Your Post Again

Now this is the point which is mostly ignored by the mostly bloggers. They only tweet on their profile and don’t ask his or her followers to re tweet their post. In this way a social cycle will be created. The people who will share your tweet have different followers from your followers in this way your social circle increases.

This can also be possible that in this way more people like your page as followers of followers will also like your page and content. And moreover when someone re tweets your tweet than in the end of that tweet the original person who has posted this tweets is also mentioned. In this your followers will also increase.

And on the other hand if you don’t ask your followers for re tweet your tweet will be seen by only your restricted followers. And marketing is done in a selective and limited portion.

Make Use of Hash Tags

While making tweet making use of hash tagging #, these are tremendously used in the twitter for marketing and promotion of their blogs.

There are two types of hash tagging. The hash tagging used for some particular event or some specific topic for this people use customized hash tagging and it is known as Particular Hash Tagging. And the second type of Hash tagging is which is used for the promotion of your whole blog, when you made a tweet using General hash tagging all the user who are looking for the solution of the problem which you have written.

So this is an effective way of promoting your blog. And it has been used by the Twitter user for years.

Tweet should be One in a Day

In this point it is depicted that “quality is more important than quantity”. As there is no restriction on daily updating your blog or making tweets. You can make hundred and thousands of tweets per day. But this is a wrong practice.

The right way of implementing the above mentioned point is that you should make only one tweet in day about your blog. The tweet regarding promoting your blog should be less.

If you made more than one tweet per day people will get frustrated and they will not pay proper attention to your tweet. So in this way most of your tweets will be overlooked and the real purpose of making the tweet will eventually die.

Write Link of Your Blog in Your Profile

In your profile your name, age, education is shown to the people and in that profile try to include link of your blog. All the people are able to see the link in your profile.

This is the most popular and nifty method for getting huge amount of traffic. Because the person will automatically get attracted towards your site and if they get their required information or course they will become your customer for free.

In this technique not much effort is needed or no more resources are used. As a person will simply have to give a link of his or her site and all the other work is done automatically if your site is interactive.

Use Twitter for Advertising

This is also a cheap way of promoting your blog. And in this way your blog is put into the selected market and all the interested people will move towards your blog.

Twitter provides you with the opportunity of promoting your site without any cost and effort. While making any tweet an option of promotion is given in this way your tweet which contains the link of your site will be send to them.

There are many ways for promotion but most of them need time and effort but this technique is not time consuming and will give you splendid results in short time. So it should be adopted in order to make your blog popular.


In this article some techniques are mentioned which can be applied in Twitter. And if these tactics are applied properly then your blog will flourish in a short period of time. So what are your reviews on these techniques?


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