Reasons You Should Start a Blog Today

Are you an IT person?

Yes! Have you ever thought to start a blog?

Most probably yes; you might have also started a blog before, but end up losing the energy to continue with this idea.

Many people started a blog, chose the type of their interest and are enjoying success now.

The above one is seriously a proven fact.

If you think that blogging is not what you’re capable of doing, still you should have to try this being an IT person.

And believe me…

In future, you’ll look back and say this is the one best thing you’ve ever done for yourself.

Blogging is the easiest way of getting yourself started with the online business. But you may have not considered the benefits associated with it.

Here we’re discussing the 12 reasons starting a blog is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

1)  It Helps You to Make Extra Money

Being unemployed, tried to get a job but didn’t find any, most of the people decide to start a blog so that they can earn money from it.

Ofcourse, this is the best option to go for, while searching for a job.

Some people do this just for fun or as leisure time activity, but they manage pretty good that even they start earning.

So why not you??

Think of what you’re interested in?

And get started with your blog to do something useful.

2)  It Can Be Enough to be Your Only Source of Income

This is the powerful point that persuades people to start a blog.

Full Time Income

Yes sounds exciting??

It really is – if you do it seriously

Well, full time income is much better than average. Isn’t it?

There are lot of examples to mention, but it would take way too much time. So, I am just summing up in one example:

Jeremy Schoemaker – founder of – once revealed that he made about $132K in just one month from AdSense.

He is now earning more than $100k per year from his website.

12 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog

Getting inspired? :)

Well this is what is called motivation.

Jeremy – and others like him – work for themselves enjoying what they do.

They’re doing so much just through a blog. Otherwise, their life might not be the way it is today.

3)  You Will Be the Only One to Order Yourself

Everyone is sick of typical nine to five hard dull work and want to get relaxed. How would it be if you’re your own boss?

Surprisingly awesome, right? :)

Many people dream of it, but only a few become able to achieve their dreams.

All the popular bloggers once were in the same place where you’re today. They dreamt and worked hard to attain it.

Don’t hesitate, give it a try, start your blog and getting ready to jump from an employee to your own boss – where there will be no restrictions.

Keep the example of Melyssa, founder of MelyssaGriffin:

She was fed up of her job and decided to start her own blog, back in 2013. She worked so hard that within 8 months, she left her job and turned her blog the main source of income.

Creating a blog only doesn’t means that you’ve got everything done.

        Heck, No!

        You have to do a lot of hard work that will eventually make your blog successful.

         Well, yes, it is a reward in itself. As you are working for yourself not under anyone else.

4)  It Can Make You An Expert of a Specific Topic

Have you ever listened that a blog can make you a go-to person, instead of just being a blogger?


Let us tell you, that hard work would not only give you earning but can also makes you an Authority.

What does that mean?

For example, you might hear that someone is one of the best conversion copywriter or someone is great photographer so they started to teach others about photography business.

It means they’re actually a go-to person, instead of sticking to only the blog they became go-to persons.

So if you think that you’re a specialist in a field, start a blog now, create good content and provide your services to others. Let your voice shine through and become an authoritative voice in your field.

5)  It Provides You the New Career Opportunities

Well, for all the job seekers out there… Read carefully

Some people doesn’t really like to work for their own. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t start a blog.

Genuinely speaking, blog can open the doors for you to the job of your interest and pays really well.

Being a successful blogger who shares interesting and good content means that you’ve framed yourself to be an employee that every firm and company wants to hire.

Seriously, this is actually a fact…

When you’ll become a popular blogger, you will start getting job offers.

Those jobs that once you were dreamt of.

The online market is consistently growing and changing.

Blogging is the best way of getting the job of your dreams.

During the last decade, lot more of marketing jobs have been invented out of the imagination. These are the highly paid jobs.

For example, consider the job below

Content Marketing Manager:

Every company or firm – no matter big or small – wants to promote their business for fast growing. It is the thing for which they can’t wait for long.

This job suites in this case.

A Content Marketing Manager gets about $75K on average.

This is a crucial job post, employer is always in need of an experienced person. So, when you have your own blog and you know the different techniques of getting traffic and subscribers, your blog will work as your resume.

Isn’t interesting enough, to get you started?

6)  Blog Helps You Increase Your Writing Skills

Writing is an art. And everyone is not so rich to have it.

When we talk about blogging, writing clicks to our minds.


Many people claim that they can write. All that Writing needs is practice, time and patience. It always take time to think, and then jot down your thoughts into words that make a flow when read.

As a blogger, your writing skills are consistently put in practice, which means you’re getting better and better at writing.

When people read your post and give their feedback, you get to start improving your writing skills.

The regular practice of writing will prove helpful in increasing your typing speed and getting your thoughts onto the page faster.

7)  It Can Make You Healthier

It is said that writing makes you healthy.

Even Science has proved it that writing has major health benefits.

A case study states:

“No matter the quality of your prose, the act of writing itself leads to strong physical and mental health benefits, like long-term improvements in mood, stress levels and depressive symptoms.”

According to this study, writing and health are closely related. Case study also states that writing is very much beneficial for cancer patients.

It means, when you write for your blog on daily basis, you’re not only feeding to the blog but also to yourself too.

8)  You Can Interact With More Amazing People

For those people their world is really small – who’re not celebrities or successful businessmen or entrepreneurs etc. They only have their family, small number of friends and coworker – and that’s all.

Being a successful blogger, you avail the opportunity to work with the amazing people all over the world – that would be really not possible otherwise.

And they might be the best connections you’ll ever have, just because of blogging.

When you’re a blogger, it becomes much easy for you to meet new people.

Once you find a niche, you will be quick at finding the people with same interest and dedication to your topic. This will be really helpful in growing your blog, in such ways that can’t be easily expressed through words.

9)  It Challenges You To Make You Grow as a Person

Making a first step is always easy, but to keep it going the way we decided is difficult.

Creating a blog is easy – hardly takes 10 to 15 minutes to set.

But building a community from your blog is difficult and challenging task.

You will always hear the word “challenge” when you’ve your competitor. We always try to avoid this word and don’t want to do hard things.

But the challenge is an major factor in shaping one‘s own personality. When we challenge ourselves, face problems and remove obstacles that’re blocking our way, we undoubtedly grow into a better person.

Challenge also increase our confidence level.

So summing up this discussion, we can conclude that challenging yourself that you’ve to grow your blog, you can grow into a person you might have never thought you could be.

10) It Leads You to the Market of Larger Brands

You may often think that the big brands always want to work with big companies, but it is not true though.

Big brands mostly want to speak with those who are able to have the best Return On Investment.

They try to reach the popular bloggers to work with them, so that their product will be in front of more buyers in less time.

They pay bloggers for advertisements on the blog or for posting the brand product on social media.

If you have developed your blog successfully, you have no reason to wait for them. Instead make a media kit, add the list of brands you want to work with and let them know.

Are you terrified?

Maybe a bit…

The worst that can happen is a “NO” from their side. Or

The best would be you adding a large brand name in your resume.

11) It Will Put You in a Forward Thinking Motion for Future Ideas

Blogging is a great platform to build your confidence to write and let the people all around the world to read your words.

It opens the doors of unexpected opportunities for you.

For example, one starts a blog and then went into freelance writing.

Blogging is just a starting point, it highly depends on you whether you make it the last one too or to fetch another big opportunity through your blog.

It always gives you the positive attitude.

12) It Will Turn Your Mind to a Whole New World

A blog will remains only a blog without motivation.

You will see a purely different world, if you spend time on learning news ways to turn your blog into a business where people interact, share and promote your business (blog) you’ve created.

All the big businessmen or popular blogger, you see, had started their career just from nothing. You can be one of them, all you need is determination to start and never stop.

See blogging from a business perspective. It can open your mind to a world you never knew existed.

A world of your own, a world where only you rule your life.


Creating a Blog is the best and the easiest way of starting your online business. If you’re not satisfied with your current salary or not having a job, you must think about this. Think about your favorite topic and try to take a start of a blog about that topic. For example, If you’re interested in Digital Marketing, you can create a blog related to this – Just like I did..

Blog gives you a lot of benefits, it never goes unfruitful. You always get some positive response, as you’ve just studied the 12 reasons above.

So, start your blog today and prove that you’ve taken the best decision for yourself ever.

Edited by AJ


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