Reasons of Getting Less Traffic and Solutions of Those Mistakes

The major problem which is faced by most of the bloggers is that they are not getting huge traffic and the earning through blog is not significant. There are many reasons behind this problem and if those problems are not addressed properly than the blog will doomed towards failure. There are also some solutions of the obstacles which is decreasing your traffic. Following are some problems and their purposed solutions:

Focus on Quantity

The first mistake which is made by most the bloggers is that they totally ignore the aspect of quality.  They have forgotten that there are hundreds and thousands of article present on the internet for a single topic. In the past there were not much content available on the net on a signal topic but now the competition is increased much.

Now, if a person focuses only on the quantity and not on the quality of the uploaded content he will lose the traffic and will not get any fruitful result of all his effort. All the effort of the blogger will be ruined.

In order to overcome this problem the solution is presented. And the solution suggested that the blogger should make his content informative and quality should be insured. Your content should be superior from the content already present on the topic. The main focus should be paid to the quality content. Daily updating is important to some extent but the quality of the content matters a lot.

Not giving Links

In the SEO techniques the top most technique is making use of links. The links can be of both types either external or internal. In each article there must be at least 1 to 2 external links and 2 to 3 external links. This technique of linking plays a very important role in the getting huge traffic.

If the linking is not done properly you will be unable to attract the desired amount of traffic and moreover while implementing this practice it should be kept in mind that the external linking should not be excessively otherwise search engines will doubts your credibility.

So the most pointed reason of not getting proper traffic is not making use of linking.  Links should be given in order to increase the number of viewers on the site.  And linking should be done with precautions otherwise they are of no use.

Keywords are not used

When the search engine is ranking any site it searches the site with keywords. The site is searched by the user through keywords. This factor is the most important factor in SEO. Without making use of keywords the site is not able to attract the traffic. In using keywords the trends of the users should be kept in mind. And for this you should observe the searching trend of the users.

So the point is that what are the disadvantages of not making use of keywords? As explained earlier the keywords are words through which searching is done. If your selection of keywords is wrong then definitely the viewer will not be able to access your site as the search engine will not display your site to the user as a result the site will not be able to get huge number of viewers and will result in failure.

So, for making your site successful and profit gaining try to make use of relevant keywords during development. Without the use of keywords your site is of no use as it serves as a milestone in SEO.

Marketing is not done properly

After the development process, daily updating, avoiding plagiarism, making use of keywords and focusing on the quality still you are unable to attract traffic it means you are lacking in marketing. Marketing the promotion of any business, any product using different media is known as marketing.

Now if the marketing is not done properly than what will be the consequences? The result is quite evident that the number of viewers will not be high and only few people will view your site and the required amount of traffic is not attracted.

Solution of this problem is that the social media should be used effectively in order to do marketing there are many ways of marketing your site which includes Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, Goggle++ , LinkedIn and many more.

Website is not interactive

The interface of the website is not interactive which states that all the content which should be displayed to the viewer is not visible and is hidden from the viewer. The viewer is able to see the content after much effort this will reduce the usability of your site.

As the usability decreases the ranking of your site also decreases as the viewer will give preference to the sites which are interactive. Due to this reason you will get pitiful traffic on your site.

But on the other hand when the color selection, color contrast, designing and visibility are given due importance than the viewer will love to view your site and ranking of the site will increase by leaps and bounds. So this point of usability will serve as basic for getting huge traffic.

Writing on unique topic

While writing the post or creating the blog the major problem that comes in our mind is to make choice of the topic. Now what type of topic should be chosen? The topic selected should be already present on the internet. The already present topic should be written otherwise your all your effort will be wasted.

Why should already written topic be selected? There is a reason behind this theory. And according to that reason that if there is no data present on the internet about that topic is shows that people are least interested in getting knowledge about that topic. As people are less interested so the people will not see that post or article and the site will be unable to get traffic.

So to get huge traffic this point of increasing ranking should be kept in mind. And all the previous written topics should be written but without plagiarism and the way of presentation should be very effective. The way of presenting those articles should be changed.

Website is not marked by search engines

The ranking is made by the search engines after marking the sites. If the site is not accessed by the search engines it will not be ranked by the search engines. As a result the huge amounts of viewers are not attracted. This a primary cause of the not getting huge traffic.

The sites are developed by using HTML or WordPress. And when the sites are developed by such technology which is not able to synchronize with the search engines the site will doomed towards failure.

Now how to overcome this problem? WordPress is used instead of HTML than it is easy for the search engines to index sites. Sites developed using wordpress can easily be marked rather than HTML sites.

Loading time is slow

This is a development defect that the technologies used in development are not effective and fast. Which means that the when the queries are posted on the site than the results are not displayed quickly instead a lot of time is spend on displaying the results this factor also reduces the ranking.

As the result in not displayed on time the user will get frustrated and the will resultantly switch towards other site on which the queries are handled immediately.  So all the processing should be done quickly in any blog.

The technology like Ajax is using in order to decrease the latency and response time. Todays the most popular sites like Facebook, Hotmail and many more are implementing Ajax for showing the updated result without refreshing it.

The above mentioned are some causes of not getting huge traffic and their purposed solutions. If a blogger wants to get huge traffic to his blog than these above mentioned techniques ought to be followed.

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