Why / Reasons to Choose HostGator: Christmas Offers / Discount Coupons / New Year Sale

This is the best option for the blogger.  The major concern while buying a hosting is the price which is faced by most of the people. Some webhosting are very costly and are charging you on monthly bases. As far the selection of hosing is concerned it should be very care as it plays an important role in ranking of your site. Because the hosting assure the availability to the audience and the amount of data you can upload on a website is also dependent on the hosting selected. So be selective in choice of hosting.

Reason for selection of HostGator

HostGator is the most reliable hosting. And moreover you are given a remarkable discount on this hosting. If you want to buy hosting in a cheap price then HostGator Christmas offer is best suited for you as it gives you 75% off on Christmas. And you have to pay only $4.86 as per sale of 2016 year.

Characteristics of HostGator

Here is the list of all the attributes of the HostGator.

  1. 24 hours help

It is very important factor as you can face problem regarding hosting at any time. So here is the solution of this problem! HostGator gives 24 hours services. You can feel free for any query and can take help regarding problem faced by you without restriction of time.  You can contact to authorities via phone call, Live Chat or through Twitter and you will get reply within with in short period of time.

  1. No restriction of disk space

Disk Space depicts the amount of space available to the blogger for uploading their content. When the content contains videos or images more space is utilized. Due to which limit of disk space is exceeded and blogger has to face problems. And the issue of disk space is faced by most of the bloggers. But in HostGator there is no such restriction. You can upload as much content as you want without any restriction.

  1. Safety

When your blog is hacked by any person then you are left with nothing. All you content is now property of that hacker and the time you spend you development and in writing the content get wasted. So in order to avoid this assure security of your site and HostGator offers you SSL certificate in “baby and hatchling plan”.

  1. Different packages

Many other beneficial offers are also given to you when you buy HostGator. The deals vary from plan to plan. Depending upon the plan different vouchers is offered. The deals include for advertising Goggle Adwords coupon is offered which help you to promote your site and can also give you free template for building your site.

  1. Hosting of multiple website

This feature varies with the selection of plan. If you buy any plan other than Hatchling plan then you are free to host as much site as you want. But on the other hand if you are buying Hatchling plan then you can host only one site.

  1. Limitless bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be moved in a specific time. This is very crucial factor for a blogger. And this is the best feature of HostGator that in HostGator there is no restriction regarding bandwidth. The bandwidth is unlimited in HostGator.

  1. Interface for controlling your account

The interface for controlling your account offered by HostGator is very simple and is already installed on your account.  Through this panel you can easily make changes in your account.

  1. Easy installation of script

If you want to install any new script on your website there is no long and lengthy process for this you can install any script by only a single click and all the other work is done for you. So HostGator provides you with the easiest way to install any script.

  1. Authentic guarantee

Another most splendid feature of HostGator is the guarantee offered by HostGator. If you buy HostGator and after that you are not satisfied from the services provided by hosting then you can claim your money back.  So there is no chance of lose.

  1. Reasonable price

All the above features are offered in a very reasonable price. It gives you 75% off. So don’t miss chance by buying HostGator.

  1. Availability of blog

Availability plays a very important role. As if the site is not available to the audience when they need it then the hosting is of no use.  Hosting should be reliable and the uptime of blog should be high. The uptime of HostGator is 99.9%.

Plans offered by HostGator

There are different plans offered by HostGator. And the selection of the plan is made on the basis of need.

And the plans offered by HostGator are as follows:

  1. Baby plan
  2. Hatchling Plan
  3. Business Plan

The differences in these plans are the features offered by these plans. The features of these plans vary. And there is 75% off in Christmas in these plans.

Selection of Plan

When you want to host more than a single website you have to make choice of baby plan as baby plan offers to host various website.

While on the other hand when you want to host only and only one website then you can select Hatchling plan as it offers hosting of a single website.

On the other hand in business plan you can host many sites as well your site is made secure through SSL and through devoted IP address.

Steps for getting Christmas offer by HostGator

In order to get hosting of HostGator it is very simple and easy. All you have to do is to follow the written steps

  1. Just go the site of HostGator.
  2. After the selection of the plan you want to purchase enter all the valid credentials
  3. Pay the amount and all is done! enjoy

Conclusion: The HostGator is the best hosting and the most reliable hosting. And the pricing of HostGator is very reasonable. All the features of this hosting are splendid. So don’t miss this chance and try to avail this opportunity.

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