On-Page SEO Techniques / Ranking Factors

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a technique which is used to improve search engine rankings. It is the most important factor in the success of a blog / website to get higher traffic. There are two types of SEO techniques:

In this article we will be discussing some of the top On-Page SEO techniques / ranking factors to increase number of visitors on your site and increase the ranking of your site / blog.

On Page SEO Techniques

The act of changing the look and feel of your blog posts and pages to get them ranked better in search engine results is known as ‘On Page SEO’. On Page SEO is comparatively easy as compared to Off Page SEO because you will make alterations to your own site and all the work is in your hand. Following are the On Page SEO techniques which are used to increase traffic to your site as well as its rankings:

  • Title of Post

The heading / title of your blog posts should be distinctive and innovative. All the posts on your blog must have unique titles. This raises the ranking of your blog. Two posts with same title will badly impact the SEO factor of your blog. And it should be ensured that the title must contain the important keyword(s). If you aren’t using keywords in title for which you want to rank your post, it will decrease the ranking of your posts. Unique and attractive title is considered among one of the best on page SEO techniques.

  • Post Permalink Structure

This is linked with the optimization of the URL. This is highly recommended that URL should contain targeted keywords, alphabets, numeric values from 0-9 and dashes to differentiate strings. Precaution should be taken to write special letters and symbols. It is the best technique to write your title (dash separated) in the URL too.

  • Heading Tag

H1 tag referring to H2, H3 and H4 is allocated to your blog by default in WordPress. On the other hand you should also make use of H2, H3 and H4 in sub- headers and title. But repeating these tags will result in lowering the ranking of your site. The main title should be H1 and the sunsequent headings can be H2 or H3.

  • Keyword Density

This point focuses on the usage of keywords in your blog. The density of keywords ought to be 1.5%. Keywords should be used in the beginning and in the ending paragraph respectively. Avoid its regular use. Make the keywords bold, italic and underlined to make them important. Using keywords too much times in your post will make your post a blast. Try to use keywords maximum 3 – 4 times only.

  • Meta Description

Meta tags summarize your blog post. Limits should be followed while writing Meta description as its length should not exceed above 160 characters. Search Engines like Bing and Yahoo give weightage to this Meta description. Although google does not gives the weightage to meta description but it is shown under title when your post is retrieved for a user query and a proper attractive meta description compels user to click and read your post.

  • Write Engaging Content

The content should be relevant to the post and give information related to the topic. Unrelated details should be avoided.  To the point and specific is best practice. Otherwise the visitor will spend short time on your website and this will be a serious setback. Avoid copy and pasting the content, else Search Engine will put your blog in blacklist. Be careful about copyrights. Generate your own original content to get ranked quickly and highly in search results.

  • Focus on Quality

The quality of the content matters a lot as far as ranking is considered. It’s not only the length of post that pays its role in increasing the number of visitors but also the quality of the content available. And content must be unique and its special concentration should be paid to the quality and rules of copyright should be considered in order to avoid from serious litigation. Always Proofread all your blog posts, to make sure that the spellings and grammar is correct.

  • Social Shares

As social shares plays an important role in increasing traffic to your site. This is the best way to promote your blog and make it among the top most blogs. Try to share or auto share your blog on famous social networks, such as, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus etc.

  • Image Optimization

As it is evident that picture speaks louder than words. So use images to focus on your keywords and in title tag. The size of the image should be small to increase the performance and loading time. Availability of image makes your website eye-catching.

  • Words Length

According to the standard, the blog post length should contain minimum 300 words. The average length of post is usually 500 words but articles of 1000 or above words length with quality content is most useful. The websites having less informative content are unable to attract traffic.

  • Internal Links

Interlinking is a method of linking two posts of the same blog to each other.  It will attract the visitors and this will help to engage your visitors for more time span. Make use of Alt tag for interlinking in your post. But don’t overuse this technique. Standards should be maintained while following this technique. Interlink only those articles that are identical to each other or can relate to each other somehow. Totally different articles can’t be interlinked, it puts negative effect.

  • External Links

External links are the links from your blog to some other blog. This technique plays a vital role in increasing traffic to your blog. In external linking you ought to give links of trusted websites only. Links to un-trusted websites should be avoided in order to increase ranking. You should give links to the sites or blogs you took help but always try to avoid spamming sites links.

Conclusion: We can conclude that On Page SEO Techniques are as important as off page SEO techniques and by applying above techniques one can get higher ranking of website / blog. These techniques will help your blog in getting crawled quickly by the search engine spiders. If you use one or two techniques mentioned above, it may not get you the required result. But if all these techniques are implemented together, they will surely improve your blog’s traffic. If you know any technique other than those mentioned above, do share it with us via comments.


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