Misconceptions about Getting Huge Traffic

What are Misconceptions?

Misconception is other name of Mythology. Mythology is derived from Greek word mythos meaning story. According to the definition a myth is trusted by large amount of people but this is not authentic. A Myth can be true or false. In this article, I’m going to dicuss about 5 misconceptions that need to be eliminated for getting huge traffic.

Getting Traffic to your blog

The main purpose of developing blog is to get large number of viewers. As all the revenue in blogs are generated through the viewer’s due to this reason all the focus is laid on attracting more and more viewers. And there are many strategies which will be used for increasing traffic to your blog.

Top 5 Misconceptions

There are several methodologies about getting more viewers and people have staunch belief on these strategies but in practical these strategies have no worth and they are not more than just a myth. Following are some myths about getting viewers:

Misconception #1: Traffic on block is free

Most of the people are of the view point that getting large number of viewers on their blog is a cost and effort free task. The above myth states that getting huge audiences is really a simple and no struggle is needed in order to get traffic on site.

This is simply a misconception that the traffic generation is totally free and no cost is paid for getting heavy traffic. Unrestricted Traffic is achieved by continuous work and by hardworking not by sitting idle. Good reputation of the site is not achieved in a fortnight but day and night is to spend on grasping audience.

In order to overcome this misconception proper time, cost and effort should be paid to get large number of audience. If a person believes on this misconception his or her site will doomed towards failure. This myth is overcome by giving appropriate attention.

Misconception #2: Considering social networks as an essential part of getting traffic on blogs

There is a list of social networks which include twitter, orkut, facebook, WhatsApp Gmail and these social networks are considered as marketing methodologies. It is believed by people that most of the traffic is attracted towards site using only these social networks.

It is not the social media but it is the quality of the site and adjustment with the search engines. The major obstacle which makes this concept wrong is that all the people are not using all the social sites due to which the audience is present in dispersed form and only one social network cannot be selected for marketing.

Attention should also be given to the quantity and quality of the posts not only to marketing only.

Misconception #3: Methodology is always persistent

The ways of getting boundless traffic are numerous. People mostly believe that the methods of receiving audience will remain constant.

With the passage of time the way of marketing or getting more viewers has been changed in a tremendous way. But some people will stick to only the particular method which they were using in the past as a result they are unable to get large amount of traffic.

Change the methodology with the passage of time and according to the need of time in order to get success.

Misconception #4: Versatile methodologies for traffic

There are plentiful ways of getting traffic on blogs. People are of the view point that there are many methods which could be adopted for getting traffic.

There are hundreds and thousands of ways for getting more traffic on your blog but the problem is that which methodology should be selected. This choice is made on the basis of audience and type of market you are addressing. But there are few methodologies which remain constant even with the passage of time which includes:

– Social Sites

– Exploration engines

– Commercials

– Referencing

Always prefer those ways which are constant and are more effective in getting traffic. The above mentioned points are considered as basic all the other are adopted in addition to these ways.

Misconception #5: Site ought to be adjusted for search engines

While developing the blogs the only focus is paid to the adjustment for search engines all the other strategies or ways are totally ignored.

This myth is simply wrong as huge traffic is not only obtained by adjustment with Search engines but marketing also plays an important role in this. The way of marketing is considered as an essential part for receiving viewers.

Attention should be given to the marketing along with the optimization. This factor also plays an important role in making a blog hit.


For receiving large number of viewers there are certain myths which are totally wrong and there is no influence of these myths in real life for getting traffic. There are certain solutions present in order to overcome those myths.


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