Methods for Beginning Virtual Course in 60 Days

Due to the advancement in technology the way of learning and teaching is also changed tremendously.  Now a days the courses are taught online because people prefer learning at home rather than going anywhere. With the help of online courses one can get information about any topic sitting at home. There are many online courses available which include Coursera, Microsoft Virtual Academy, Virtual University and many more.

Techniques for Starting Virtual Course

Before starting the course there are some useful tips which will help the blogger to establish his or her blog in a short period of time. These techniques will guide a new blogger to gain success and to gain popularity in short duration. Following are some techniques for building a blog for online course:

  • Get idea from already working channels

While starting an online course this point should be kept in mind that new idea or any new course should be avoided. Preference should be given to the already existing courses. And avoid making blogs for new courses which are not present in the market.

Why to start the already existing courses? There is a reason behind this theory. And the reason is that the non-existence of that course depicts that it is not really demanded by the people because if it was a highly demanded course that must be present on the internet. So try not to begin a course which is not demanded or needed by people.

You can make your course unique by the way of presentation. The methodology of presenting the course can be different and innovative which can make your course interactive and highly demanded. The techniques like assignments and questioning can make your course more effective than other available courses.

  • Take a Simple Start

When you are starting an online course make sure to take a simple start. Don’t invest too much in the starting. Most of the successful bloggers had a simple start and now they are running their blogs successfully. Their blogs are very popular because they focus on the content rather than anything else.

In order to start a course you just need content, a white board and a board marker. This is more than sufficient for taking a start and all the other things are added after taking a successful start. By using this method the time and cost can be saved because if you make a lot of investment and your blog fails to get high traffic than your money will be wasted.

Simple start and effective content is a key to start successful online course. It will flourish by leaps and bounds if it has a simple and interactive content. Don’t focus much on the making the video of high quality. Even a Grayscale video can gain fame it the content is informative.

  • Get Idea from Real Life Problems

Now question arises from where you can get idea about the course? The answer lies in this heading. Observe daily life and problems that the people are facing in the real life. The problem can be related to IT industry, cooking course, web development course, programming courses, fashion industry courses, software training courses and many more.

Idea gained from such source will be more effective because the daily life problems are solved. And by using this technique more and more traffic can be generated and the course will become popular in short period of time.

If the idea is taken from daily life it will be more demanding than the idea taken from any other source. And your course will help out the people to solve their problems in a more effective way.

  • Focus on Continuous Learning

Now the matter is that one course is not always in need and you have expertise in only one course then what to do in that case? The habit of self-learning will solve this problem. Don’t get worried if you are starting a course in which you are not expert. Develop the habit if self-learning. Learn that new course from some source. There are many research articles, videos and articles written on a single topic on internet. Get help from those channels and make your own blog with a different presentation.

Why to develop habit of self-learning? This habit is very important in order to survive in the market. Because the technology is changing day by day and if you say no to learning new technology so you are simply out from the market. So focus on learning new things.

Self-learning is a key to success without it is impossible to make your course hit and get huge amount of traffic.  So, while launching a course this point should be kept in mind.

  • Be Expressive

Give preference to the content of the course. The content should be informative and should serve as a guideline to the people. The course should provide people all the important information which they need. If the content is informative your course will automatically be hit.

Avoid focusing on the other things like your appearance, your physical fitness and arrangement of room in which you are recording the video. If you focus on the other things the attention of the listener will be diverted and he will find it difficult to focus on what you are saying.

So, in short pay your full attention on the content and then the results will be unexplainable. Your course will be a big hit in short time just because of the content.

  • Don’t Make Lengthy and Long Videos

Avoid making videos of more than 10 minutes. The streaming time for Long and lengthy videos will be greater and hence the frustration level will increase and the person will lose his attention.

Just read out more and more books, articles and give the summary of every topic in a small video. The conclusion and only the main points should be described in the video. Don’t explain much in the video as the people will lose confidence in your course.

If you aren’t making small videos with effective content you course will doomed to failure and a result you have a face loss both in terms of cost and effort. And making small videos is an effective way to sell your course.

  • Marketing

After applying all the video making techniques make use of this last point which is marketing. Marketing can be done by using social media which includes Facebook, Orkut, Twitter and Goggle+. After developing the course focus should be given to the marketing methodology.

The marketing methodology should be very effective and powerful because marketing plays very important role in making the course popular among viewers.

If the marketing methodology is not implemented effectively than your course will eventually fails. The marketing is an essential part of making a business popular and profit gaining.


The methodologies mentioned above are very important in making a course famous. So in order to launch an informative and effective course these techniques ought to be followed.


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