List of Top Quality Guest Posting Blogs / Blogging Sites

What is guest posting?

Guest posting is a tactic which is used in order to increase the number of traffic. As in blogging the major focus is increasing your social circle and for this purpose this technique of guest posting is very beneficial. Now the question arises that what is guest posting? In guest posting your articles are published on blog of other person. And similarly someone write for your site and in this way traffic on your blog will increase tremendously.

Advantages of guest posting

There is a list of benefits which are provided by guest posting and they are listed below:

  1. Fame

Through guest posting you will be able to get popular. As you write articles on different site so you get exposure. When you write quality content on different sites people will see your work and in this way you will be able to showcase your writing skill to the world. Consequently you will get more exposure.

  1. Provide you platform for sharing your knowledge

When you have lot of knowledge and you want to share it with other people but the only hurdle in this case is non-availability of platform through which knowledge can be shared with different people. So this hurdle can be overcome by guest posting. You are provided with a platform through which you can share your information.

  1. Promotion

You can promote your written content by using this technique of guest posting. This is the best opportunity for promotion of your blog as well as in order to get more traffic to your blog. This is an indirect way to get huge traffic to your blog.  And your quality content will also be shared on different social media sites.

  1. Trustworthiness

By reading your article the reader creates an image about you in his or her mind. And when you are providing the reader with the quality, authentic and well organized content he will surely develop a sense of trust in you and will always prefer your site in comparison to other sites.

Sites which allows guest posting

Following is the list of sites which allows guest posting

Marketing /commercial blogs

  1. Kissmetrics

It is a blog which allows you guest posting so you can write for this blog. And this blog related with the marketing and how to enhance your online business. And this blog will also help you to keep a record of your customer.

But in kissmetrics there is a disadvantage as well that in this site you cannot promote yourself. All your content will be property of the blog and moreover your article might be get rejected by the authorities. Or they may accept your content with slight changes made by them.

  1. ShoutmeLoud

ShoutmeLoud is a blog which gives you tips and guide you in order to start a business online. All the guideline is provided in this blog. And also let you know about the ways through which you can earn money and can become successful. If you are jobless this blog will surely helpful for you.

In contrary if you know about how to make money online or how to run a business and you want to tell other persons then this blog is helpful for you. And you can write the content and it is accepted by the authorities after approval it is posted on ShoutmeLoud.

  1. com

It is site which is related with business. This site serves a teacher for all the persons how are new and innovative ideas for the spectators. This site provides you with all the guideline for running your business successfully.

So you can do guest posting on this site as well.  But there is a limitation that you have to write more than 1000 words and this requires a lot of time. So in case be careful about the selection of the topic try to choose only those topics which are not time taking. And along with posting the article keep in touch with the audience for comments.

  1. Copyblogger

It is best bog which is providing training to the persons who want to earn through online business they provide you with every tip which will help you to grow your business tremendously.

The focus of this blog is to provide their audience with the best, authentic and informative information. There focus is not only on posting the content but the best and consistent content is their goal. And they are accepting the guest posting.

SEO Blogs

  1. Moz

This is a blog on the topic of Search Engine Optimization. So everyone who has knowledge about SEO can easily write content. And in this way he or she can become famous as a platform is provided to them for sharing their knowledge. The advantage for this blog is that is does not forbid you from promoting yourself.

But in order to do guest posting on Moz firstly you need to be part of Moz community. After you are member of Moz community then you can write posts for this site and can promote yourself.

Tools blogs

  1. Social Media Examiner

Social media examiner is a site which teaches how to utilize social media for promoting your site and this site provide you with all the useful tips which will guide you to use social media in the best possible way. This is typically related with marketing on social media. It has an interactive interface and which is able to grasp the attention of the viewer at a glance.

This site provide you with the opportunity of guest posting but it is time taking as your submission is accepted or rejected after 60 days.   And moreover preference is given only to the experienced persons and fresh candidates are totally forbidden.

  1. Godown blog

This is website which teaches you how to use social media for your benefit. And the ways on social media which can be deployed for marketing and enhancing your business.

The extra feature provided by this site is that you can directly write the article on their website because there is no need for the approval for this blog.

  1. Quick online tips

This is blog which deals with every aspect and in this blog the guest posting is allowed on various topics which include technology, promoting, machines, Search Engine Optimization, Goggle, tactics, technique and also the information regarding blogging.

Lifestyle blog

  1. Lifehack

Lifehack is the site which helps you to make every part of your life. This site has covered every aspect of life like services and everyday objects. And it is very popular blog as it is promoted and admired by different newspaper.

And this lifehack blog also provide you with the opportunity of guest posting.  This site has large number of viewers on daily basis and when you are writing your content on this blog then your article can be viewed by large number of viewers.

  1. Money Saving Mom

This is a site which helps us to save money by purchasing the household and other items in cheap prices. On this site all the conversation is about the deals offered and the vouchers etc. so that you can best things for your house in very cheap price.

And this blog allows you to write guest posting in this way if you have any deal then you can post on this site for free.

  1. Super Tomato

This site is developed in order to aware people about the diet. Health is very important and this blog focus on the necessity of health and give tips in order to live a healthy life.

This site also allows you to post articles but in this site guest posting is not free as you have to pay $10 for the charity water if you want to get your post published on this site.

Survey Blog

  1. Survey Monkey

This site is a survey site on which articles and the content is written on the basis of survey.  And on that survey article writing is done and in this website everyone is free to write.

There is no restriction regarding writing. Only restriction regarding writing the content is that it must have some relevance with the topic on that site.

Conclusion: These are list of blog which allows guest posting and get benefit from the guest posting.  By using these blogs you will be able to get large number of traffic. And to promote your content these blog provide you opportunity of guest posting.


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