How to Get Insane Amounts of Traffic and Subscribers from SlideShare

Creating great and original content is a key factor in blog’s success. But sometimes it doesn’t seem that your efforts and time are returning the expected result. Expected result in terms of less traffic, less social shares and only a few email subscribers.

You start worrying that where have you done something wrong?

As a Blogger, your main concern – along with providing good content – is to gain as much subscribers and traffic to your blog as possible. But unfortunately, you have not succeeded in this battle.

You, probably, had tried a lot of techniques (like buying Facebook Ads, using Twitter, Visual content and guest posting) to get success. No doubt, these techniques also prove helpful for your blog but their effect is not so big.

In online business, there is really a tough competition these days. It has become very difficult to stand out of millions of blogs. What can be the solution that provide the maximum result?

Enter SlideShare – Your New Traffic Generation Platform

Yes, SlideShare… Enter the world of SlideShare to get more than 70 million visitors per month. Without any cost? Yes, ofcourse! That’s really cool, isn’t it??

SlideShare is a platform owned by Linkedin for presentation sharing, it will surely drive traffic back to your blog.

Doesn’t matters, if you already have a huge fan following or not. You’ll get the bulk of new visitors and subscribers every month through SlideShare. You just have to prepare a SlideShare presentation to upload, try to add backlinks to your blog in presentation, then you’re ready to go to welcome your new followers J

SlideShare not only helps in getting more traffic, but also helps you rank higher in google.

How to Give Your Content a New Lease of Life on SlideShare

Best practice is to recycle your best blog posts in SlideShare presentation to get the positive result. You can use different tools to do this – like Microsoft PowerPoint or any other online tools like Google Slides etc.

Usually listing of posts in presentation is recommended, because it looks more like a presentation format.

Choose your presentation application that you’ll be using to create the SlideShare presentation, after it choose a template for design. Shown below is the “Google Slides” which is an online presentation tool that resides in office suite of Google. It provides you with the available design themes.

When you’re all set with your tool and design template ready, waiting to add your content in the slides. You should follow the following steps to transform your post into a slide deck:

Turn Your Headline into the Title Slide

If the heading of the target blog post is well written and strong, it will work as the title of the SlideShare too. Simply copy and paste it in your slide.

Headline must describe the whole blog post in an efficient way.

In case, if your headline is short, you can add subtitle to enhance your presentation’s look.

Make Your Subheadings the Transition Slides

As stated above, main headline of your blog post becomes the title of the presentation. If your post has subheadings, then you can transform these subheadings into the transition slides. Transition slides are the slides that point towards the start of a new section.

If your post is too long – like “101 ways to promote your post” – it is better to jot down the most important 10 or 15 points and create slides on these points. A reader may get irritated by seeing the deck with over 100 slides.

Try not to include each and every detail in the details, let the readers become curious after reading the slides so that they will visit the original blog post to study further.

Generally, 30-50 slides are enough to keep the user engaged with your content.

You can also divide the content of your blog posts into sections, and create one SlideShare representing one of the section. This way you may have many SlideShares each corresponding to the single post.

Distill Your Content into Bullet Points

It is advisable to create the summary of your blog posts. This summary will have the main points of the post in a few short sentences, where each point / sentence will be transformed into a single slide in presentation.

Your sentences must deliver the full accurate meaning of the post. It should not be too long as if it seems as you have copy pasted the whole document. Normally these points should be 10-15 words long or consume round about 140 characters.

You can use your content same as it is, if you already used small sentences. No need to further modify it.

Another important thing, try to use the keywords in your slides for which you want to get ranked in Google, because SlideShare creates a transcript from your content that is then indexed by the Search Engine.

Add Strategic Links within Your SlideShare

After creating a great SlideShare deck based on your blog post, there is still much more left to do…

Probably, your goal was not just to create a presentation on SlideShare, but to gain lot of new visitors and subscribers for your blog. It is not enough to get views on SlideShare only, if you don’t get more traffic. You’ll need to make some effort to convince users to visit your blog too.

To do so, you have to embed links in your SlideShare content that will ultimately direct the users to your blog. This process will only take a couple of minutes or so. You can add link by right clicking the text which you want to make link and entering the target address.

It is preferred to add links after 3rd slide of your presentation.

What type of links should be inserted into the slides? The answer is given below

Link to Your Blog and Social Media Profiles

Sometimes users want to know who the creator of the content is. If users find your content interesting and they would love to hear more from you. Then how will they reach you?

You should include a slide within your deck that will provide details about who you are and how to connect with you.

Must link your Social profiles and the blog / website, so that the users can reach you easily and get connected to you without SlideShare.

Link to a Landing Page to Grow Your Email List

Another way is to link your SlideShare deck to your landing page. Landing page is the one where you have more chances to increase the number of your subscribers.

You can use different software to create landing page. For example Instapage is a useful software for this.

Link Back to the Original Post on Your Blog

As discussed earlier, try to avoid copy pasting full blog post into the SlideShare. You just add the main ideas and the summary of the post.

In this way, you’ll make visitors to must visit the original post of your blog to know the rest of your story. You should provide some way for your visitors to reach the original blog post easily.

For this purpose, embed the link back to your blog post. It will also help in boosting the SEO value of your post.

Add the link at the end of the presentation, so that you’ll get those visitors who’re most likely interested in your content and want to get more from you.

Adding multiple links in SlideShare deck for different purposes is useful because it will increase the chance that the user will take the valuable actions.

Link to a Service That Promotes Sharing

Besides getting visitors from SlideShare, you must also wish to have bulk of visitors that may or may not be the member of SlideShare. You want your content to be shared on social media as widely as possible.

But how to achieve this through SlideShare?

One way is to add a link to a service that will ask the visitor to share the post on Twitter to get further details about the post or whatever condition you want to impose.

Another way is to simply add a link that will open up a window or a popup box asking the user to share the post. But in this way it only depend on the visitors whether they’ll share it or not, whereas in the former method they wouldn’t have any choice but to share the post to get further information.

Spreading your post on the Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc not only result in a huge amount of new visitors, plus also gives you the opportunity to get viewed by the SlideShare editors – who may make your deck a featured presentation.

Upload Your Presentation to SlideShare

After completing your presentation, you’re now ready to upload it on SlideShare.

Uploading your presentation on SlideShare is really easy and straightforward. In your SlideShare account, click on the “upload” button that lie on the upper top right corner of the screen.

After this a screen will appear asking you to upload your deck file. SlideShare supports only PowerPoint or PDF format, so make sure that your deck must be in .ppt or .pdf format.

Your deck is uploaded :) you can now view it on the left side. If you are satisfied with what you have done till now, the next step is to add some metadata about the presentation.

There is some compulsory and some optional information needed, it is recommended to fill in all the information in order to get the best Discoverability Score.

Tips for completing the fields

Include the keywords in the title. Make sure to use keywords for which you want to get rank high in Google.

Build curiosity with your description. Description provides the summary of the post, try to write it in a way that makes the user curious and interested.

Add tags to target specific interests. Tags are useful in ranking your post for different terms related to your post. You must add at least 10-12 tags for one post, make sure the tags are related to your post’s content.

Promote Your SlideShare to Reach the Widest Possible Audience

You must be thinking that you’re completely done with this after uploading the presentation. Right? Actually no, you have only done half of the work yet.

According to Ross Simmonds “Content creators should spend 2x the effort in promoting their content as they did creating it.”

You’ll need to promote your SlideShare deck to drive visitors to your blog.

Embed Your SlideShare on Your Blog

You can embed the SlideShare presentation within your own blog post – either at the start or at the bottom of the post.

You can also add links in your presentation so that the visitors can share it directly.

Email Your Blog Subscribers

Whenever you have a new SlideShare deck, you can easily promote it by emailing it to your subscribers.

In case, if your subscribers have already read the post to which the new SlideShare deck corresponds. You can then change the presentation a bit to differentiate it from the original post, by changing your wording or headings of the SlideShare plus adding new examples.

Embed Your SlideShare into a Relevant Guest Post

If you’re using guest post technique already, then you can go ahead and add your SlideShare deck in your relevant guest post for popular blogs.

This will no doubt result in a huge amount of traffic.

Take Advantage of Native Twitter Embedding

Use Twitter to promote your SlideShare deck. As Twitter allows the users to watch the presentation directly in the feed, without leaving Twitter. This can be done by clicking the “view media” link which appears on the right side of the tweet.

Keep in mind, never rely on others to share your SlideShares. Post them in your Social Media and try reposting them after several days to make it viewable to everyone.

Try to add image in your tweet for better results. For example, you can add the title slide of your deck using the Twitter’s media button.

Evolve Your Presentation to Maximize Your Long-Term Results

SlideShare provides you a feature which you can use to replace the current presentation with the updated version. Have a look at the image below

Mostly this feature is used for correcting the mistakes after the initial upload of your deck. But you can also use this feature for later use, in case, you have updated your posts or change your site’s branding. Your SlideShare must reflect your post so this feature will be handy in this scenario.

For traffic hungry bloggers, SlideShare is an exceptional platform.

By following the steps stated above, you’ll surely get success in your SlideShare. You really need nothing special to get you started, just start with what you already have – the content, tools and contacts.

The sooner you get started, the sooner it’ll take off.


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