How to Drive Traffic from Reddit to your Blog

Are you new to blogging?

Are you worried of not getting enough visitors to your blog?

If yes, this is the time to stop worrying now and to get yourself familiar with an amazing platform that will bring a huge amount of traffic to your blog.

The Reddit!!

In this article, I’ll share some great tips on how to drive traffic from Reddit to your blog. Let us get started, but let’s first dig out some important information about the Reddit…


Reddit was founded by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, back in 2005. It is a social media platform where people can share every type of information including news and entertainment etc. As the name itself suggests, it’s all about “Read it” and “Read / Edit”. The users of Reddit named themselves as “Redditors”.

How to Drive Traffic from Reddit to your Blog


The Redditors can up vote or down vote the submitted links, that ultimately ranks the submitted contents. The quantity of vote chooses their position on the platform’s page. They can also comment on the content. The content is placed under “subreddits”, 8000+ different subreddits are available and you have to assign a subreddit to your content before sharing on the Reddit. Subreddit contains the subject like gaming, SEO, blogging, films, music and many more.

Reddit has very huge amount of fan followings. It is the best platform and has gained huge publicity till now. It has a large amount of users and therefore it can become one of the best source for driving traffic to your blog.

Reddit Is To Build Reputation, Not Spam

Try not to spam Reddit with your crappy links. Reddit is used by a large number of bloggers. Some of them become able to get the top position for their shared links on Reddit page, while getting tons of traffic to their blogs and some of them have failed, who not only not getting any traffic but also being considered a spam by Reddit community plus got banned by them..

When you’re just throwing your links on Reddit, you’re doing a total spam. Many people have tried Reddit – might even you too – thinking Reddit as a traffic generator machine (which is a big mistake), and at the end might have given up.

Try to develop your interest in Reddit, rather than just using it to share your links; spend some time looking for what others have shared. Reddit is really an interesting and helpful community, if you use it the right way. Try to share interesting stuff with other Redditors, be helpful and add value to your content. Help different Redditors in their troubles. Share other’s content, which is important to the next group member. This won’t just increase your reputation, but additionally build trust among Redditors.

This way when you share your content after building a reputation, you’ll surely get ranked high on Reddit and there will be more chances that your content get viewed and clicked by most of the Redditors.

How to Drive Traffic from Reddit to your Blog

1)  Target your Readers

Reddit provides you a huge number of subreddits. These subreddits can be of any type; it can be related to technology, music, movies, science, and fiction etc. You just need to realize which subreddit suits and is relevant to your content.

Never post your content link to an irrelevant subreddit – means never target a broad audience, otherwise you’ll be kicked off from there.

When you post your link in a subreddit that matches your content, Redditors will surely read it and appreciate it. It will take you a bit to search for relevant subreddits, because Reddit provides 221,986 subreddits. Yes, it is true…

2)  Share the Best of You

It is not recommended to share each and every post of your blog. Only share the best content on Reddit.

Be specific and unique, generic content doesn’t performs well mostly. Always focus and give importance to what you’re sharing, not to how many visitors you get. Because if the content gets down vote, you’ll lose your reputation.

Your content must be unique, well written and helpful to others.

3)  Watch your Timing

While posting your links on Reddit, you have to check your timing.

According to a Case study by KissMetrics:

The best time to post links on Reddit is before 5 PM EST, because during this time most of the people are active on Reddit.

4)  Don’t become Greedy

This is for sure, that when you start sharing your links on Reddit in the right way, you’ll start getting traffic.

You can see your progress from the analytics account, and when you see your growing traffic you may become greedy that you should do posting on Reddit most of the time..

But No!!!

This will snatch your reputation from you. Have patience.

When you post a link in a subreddit, wait for some time – mostly two weeks – before posting links to the same subreddit.

5)  Enjoy being a Redditor

As we discussed earlier you need to build up your reputation before start sharing your content. Don’t show up yourself as a marketers, because Redditors hate marketers.

Try to spend 5 minutes daily on Reddit to share useful content posted by others, comment on others posts, and build your Reddit circle.

Create a post history of a normal user, share your mood or any other interesting things or images like you do on Facebook or Twitter etc. It doesn’t mean that you’re wasting your time, actually you’re preparing for your safety. Redditors are very passionate about the Reddit, if they think you’re a marketer they will surely check your post history. So you’ve to prove them wrong.

6)  Include your Friends in your Posts

Besides simply posting your content on Reddit, you can also share this content with your friends too. Those friends and colleagues who are also the Reddit users. So if they like what you have shared with them, they will upvote your post. Upvoted posts attract more Redditors and they spent some time reading your post.

7)  Comments and Replies

A post with a large number of comments is always considered the most popular post. Try to get as many comments on your post as possible. If needed, start the comments session by commenting on your post yourself first.

Whenever someone comments on your post, must reply them – no matter what the comment is – to increase the number of comments.

8)  Always be Humble

It is a normal thing that you face criticism while promoting your content.

So, even if there is criticism on your post, never get irritated.

Be humble!

While communicating with other Redditors, keep your tone low and be friendly.

No matter, if others are criticizing you, use their criticism to ask them questions. Communicate with them and make them agree to you and your content.

These were the some of the tips that can help you in driving traffic from Reddit. Practice them in your daily routine and you’ll be all set.


Reddit can make your blog invest some time on Reddit and if you follow all above mentioned guidelines you will be able to get traffic from Reddit to your blog. I hope you like these basic procedures to drive traffic to your website.

If you’re already getting traffic from Reddit, share your experience with us and help others.

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