How to Drive More Traffic from Pinterest to Your Blog

Pinterest is a visual online tool that is used by a lot of people and it permits clients to explore and share inventive thoughts by bookmarking them as ‘pins’. It is a web as well as a mobile company which was meant to serve as a visual media sharing site, where user can collect and share photos of their choice. It was established by “Ben Silbermann” and “Evan Sharp”.

Pinterest has become the third-largest social network – after Facebook and twitter. It has now become the most popular and well known network among the bloggers; who want to share their content, photos with the people around the world and who’re hungry to drive traffic from Pinterest.

Pinterest has proved to be the most useful network in getting enough traffic as compared to Reddit, YouTube, Linkedin, and Google+ etc. The network has been growing since 2012 and it keeps on developing. In the year 2012, Pinterest has around 11.7 million users. Now the number of users has grown up to 70+ million users.

Having large amount of traffic to your blog is one of the main factors in your blog’s success. Posting your photos and content on Pinterest has more chances of getting responses. It is easy to use it as a medium to double or even triple the number of traffic you’re currently getting.

Pinterest can be used in two ways:

  1. As an Individual User
  2. As a business page
  • Using Pinterest as an Individual User

To use the services of Pinterest, you need to register yourself on its website which is totally free.

Pinterest application is likewise accessible for Android and iOS platforms. You can save, transfer, and manage the media content (Photos or recordings), which is known as “pins” and make a collection of these pins in the ‘pinboards’. Pinboards refer to the collection of media content of a user.

You can also see and use the content of other registered users and pin those certain media of your interest to your own particular pinboards. Additionally, one can likewise stick things outside of Pinterest by bookmarking the content in their program pinning it in their sheets; other than that some websites permit Pinterest users to pin content directly from their website using ‘Pin it’ key. Users can login to Pinterest by their Facebook or Twitter profile and report to their pins in these social media’s.

  • Using Pinterest as Business Page

Pinterest can also be used as a business page by companies or bloggers to promote and to enhance their business online. Companies can pin content to the pinboards which makes it helpful for users to get everything at one place. Business pages can incorporate different information, themes and data. For example, costs of products, films rating or ingredients of recipes etc.

Now let us move on and see how we can turn Pinterest in to a traffic generating machine. How to Drive More Traffic from Pinterest to Your Blog? Following are some tips that will help you in driving more traffic to your blog.

  • Add and verify your Blog

Once you’ve created your blog page on Pinterest, you’re all set to go. First of all, add your website link into your page. After it, at the top right corner you’ll see your website is displayed there. It is an effective way of sending traffic to your original blog.

This is the first thing that people mostly see on the page when they visit for the first time, to make sure that it is the original page. If your website is mentioned in your page then it will encourage the people to visit your website to get more details about you. This is the simple but an important point to consider.

Second thing is to verify that the blog belongs to you. Because when you do it, a tick mark will appear next to your blog URL showing that the blog unquestionably belongs to you. This tick mark makes people sure that the page is providing original content. Another advantage of verifying your blog is that it opens the Pinterest’s free Analytical tool. This tool gives you a complete insight of the amount of traffic you are getting from Pinterest and by what means you will be able to generate more.

  • Include the URL in the Pin Description

When you post an image in Pinterest, the image is automatically given a link to your blog. But to click on the link to visit the blog, users first have to open the pin, then he has to wait for it, and when the pin is expanded he will then be able to click on the link.

The best way – to simplify the above steps – is to add a description to your pin along with the blog’s link address where that image resides. This will give users the ease to visit your blog with just a single click on your pin, rather than opening the pin to expand it.

This way you’ll be able to get more traffic from Pinterest. It is recommended to use full URLs because Pinterest considers small URLs as spam.

What else you can add to your pin description that will force people to click on the links??

A call-to-action statement…


You have to persuade people to visit your blog by clicking the links in the description. For this you have to add a statement before the link. For example: ‘visit this page now’ or ‘click the link to learn more’ etc.

  • Get the Official “Pin It” Button Attached

Everyone wants to have work done quickly, none of the user will share your blog posts when there is no sharing button available in your post. You will get more traffic when you will have a “pin it” button on your blog.

A case study says that a blog having share buttons get 7 times more traffic than those blogs without share buttons. So, must add “pin it” button and to do so you can find the button on the widget builder page.

Another way is to create the hover over image button. So that when you move the mouse over the images on your blog, a pin it button will popup.

  • When and How to Pin?

The time when you share your pins is also a critical factor in getting more traffic. If you share pins when most of the followers are online, there are more chances for the links in the description get clicked.

According to a Study, the best time to share pins is between 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM in the afternoon and from 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM. So try to share your pins within this time span.

You can also test pinning at the time other than that specified above, to check if that suites you. In some cases when there are less people online, you have less competition.

The other question which appear in many minds is, how to pin? What is the effective way to pin?

To get more out of Pinterest you’ve to pin your photos and content daily. Never share too much pins at once that your followers get irritated seeing their screen full of your pins, not pin too rare that you start losing your followers. Attempt to get engaged with your followers.

It is also good to add category to your boards to get more traffic. When creating board, along with the name and description, also mention the category to which the board belongs. When you do so, the board will not only shown to the followers but also in the page of category of the board. In this way, people who have not followed you can still see your pins, by either following that category or searching pins through that category.

  • Blog is nothing without Images

No doubt, images make your blog more appealing. Sometimes images better explain the topic, as compared to the written text because images grab more attention.

Image Size: To completely utilize Pinterest in getting traffic, you have to optimize your images. The images having size of (100 x 200) pixels are easy to share through Pinterest. Without images, it’s not possible to share pins on Pinterest. Make sure that you have added some images of the specified size, in order to make your visitors able to share your post as pins with their followers.

Taller images: A case study says that the taller images are more liable to get repined on Pinterest. So, try to add taller images in your blog posts so that you will get better traffic.

It is a good practice to add your blog name or blog URL in the images. In this way if someone else has shared your images or pin somewhere, others will still be able to know that you’re the creator of that particular content.

Images with Text: It is said that images must have some text on them so that they can tell what they’re for. When you put relevant text on images, people can easily get when information is there behind that image even if the description is not clear. In case of blog, you can add the title of the post on the image. Make sure to use clear background so that the text is easily readable.

These type of images are more likely to be pinned and shared as compared to simple images. They will get more traffic from Pinterest.

Image Labels: When you’re going to add an image in your post, try to rename the image same as your post title or to what the image is about. This is because when you pin an image, its label automatically appears in the description. In this way it will be good for description’s health.

  • Result measurement

The last but not the least step is to check the results of the efforts you made. This will help you to understand what things are going well and what things need to be changed. For this purpose you can use the Pinterest Analytics tool. It will give you the details about how much traffic you’ve gained form Pinterest? Which techniques are working just fine and which are not? So that you’ll be able to change your way and get more and more out of Pinterest.


Pinterest is not only for pictures any longer. The site has a lively group of various readers, and Pinterest is just upgrading this individual magazine sort readership. Don’t miss out the developing chances to grow your blog through Pinterest. By using all the above tips, you will surely drive a lot more traffic from Pinterest to your blog.

Do share your experience with us or if you want to add more tips comment below :)

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