How to Develop a Wikipedia Page that Sails Through the Approval Process

Before diving into the details of How to develop a Wikipedia Page that sails through the Approval Process, let’s have a quick look at Wikipedia Page. What is a Wikipedia page? It is a page that contains encyclopedic information. This page summarizes the encyclopedic topic comprehensively, also provides the references of original resources and links to other related topics.

How to Develop a Wikipedia Page that Sails Through the Approval Process

Wikipedia page is not easy to write, it’s like writing the college term paper. Really difficult, but not impossible though. :-)

If you don’t even have a bit of idea about writing Wikipedia pages, you can try to take a start by updating the existing pages.

Reasons to Create a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is a popular informational resource available on internet where you can find different pages, articles and knowledge shared by different people around the world. You can find each and every type of topic on Wikipedia like carbon black, pinball, green day and even content marketing.

You may wonder why you would create a Wikipedia page. Or in which scenario you may need to create one. Given are the reasons why you should consider writing a Wikipedia page:

  • When your company or founder is “notable”. Whenever you write a topic, you first need to pass the “notability” test arranged by Wikipedia. It will check your subject / topic according to their standards to determine whether it warrants a Wikipedia Page. In case if your company has invented something, then your company would be the right candidate.
  • When you’re writing on a technology that has the power to change the industry. It can be anything from mechanical to chemical to musical or anything.
  • When the topic you want to write about is unique and is not already on Wikipedia.

If you want to know more about the notable topics that are more likely to be included by Wikipedia as the Wikipedia pages, then must read the notability article on Wikipedia.

Steps to creating a Wikipedia page

The process and steps of creating a Wikipedia page are described below. You can find more detailed information about writing Wikipedia pages on Wikipedia’s help.

  1. Do your Research first

You have to do a complete research on Wikipedia in advance. You must learn about the Wikipedia community and the way it works, prior to writing your topic / content on Wikipedia. To make sure, after submitting your Wikipedia page for review, that it won’t get deleted or challenged by someone, you must need to learn the ins and outs of Wikipedia to be a good Wikipedia citizen.

  1. Create an account

You must have to register yourself as a Wikipedia user to use full privileges of updating the existing Wikipedia pages and articles, along with creating your own ones. Get yourself register with Wikipedia here

Make sure to use your original information to create account.

  1. Start Small

It is highly recommended that you should get started by making small changes to the existing Wikipedia pages to enhance your skills, rather than directly creating your own page. You must start with the topics you’re already familiar with.

This thing will help you in getting know how about the Wikipedia’s content management system. If your account is created on Wikipedia, every change you had made to the existing pages is recorded on your user page, which can be accessed by the other users of Wikipedia. By enough practice of editing, you will become an “auto-confirmed” user of Wikipedia. As an auto-confirmed user, you can have access to different restricted functions like moving pages and uploading images etc.

  1. Gather your sources

While playing around the Wikipedia to learn about it, start gathering information or sources about the topic that you want to write. It will save your time afterwards.

Wikipedia gives too much importance to sources because it is an encyclopedia and your page’s content will get through the verification process.

Doesn’t matters if you’re an ordinary person or a famous notable inventor, you must provide sources to Wikipedia that support the content you wrote. This source can be anything, it can be a printed material including magazines and books, it can be any online source like a website, video, articles etc.

You must write factual and unbiased content. It must be unique and original. Try to include images in your Wikipedia page but make sure that these images must be unique and not subject to copyright.

  1. Write the copy

After all the above steps done, you’re ready to go. Now you can finally start writing your Wikipedia page. The best way to do this is to first write your content in MS word and later paste it on the Wikipedia interface for further formatting.

In your Wikipedia account, there is a feature available called “My Talk Page”. You can add your content there to perform required formatting. It is reliable to use My Talk Page to save your content.

You may also use Wiki Code to format the content.

  1. Submit the page for review

Finally check your page / content for errors and spelling mistakes. After ensuring that your page is fully complete, you will have to submit it to Wikipedia for review. Sometimes it only take a few days but at times it may take even a few weeks or more to get reviewed and respond by the Wikipedia.

There is always a risk for your page to get challenged and deleted, that’s why make sure to write original content without any mistakes before submission.

This was all about writing the Wikipedia pages and becoming a confirmed admirer. Have you ever written the Wikipedia pages? How much difficulty you have faced during this?

Do share your experience with us.

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