How to become a professional blogger and get paid

Do you want to be a famous blogger?

If yes, then must read this article carefully and try to act on it.

Some people start blogging because they enjoy it and found it fun doing so. Some people start blogging to achieve their dreams of becoming a successful blogger – chasing their passion. Some start blogging because they want to earn money from it or some start it to just become famous.

No matter what is the reason behind it, the thing that matters is how well you’re doing it?

If you work only two hours per day on your blog and you’re not getting the actual results for what you’re waiting. It’s the right time to change your strategy. Think critically, where are you going wrong? At which points you need to focus more on?

The main purpose of blogging is to learn new and useful information, and follow it in practice too. Share the information you get, with those who don’t know it. This is what a professional blogger do :) . In this article I am discussing some tips that will help you to increase your capabilities and motivate you to work like a professional blogger.

Let’s start and see how you can improve yourself…

Why is it necessary to work as Professional Blogger?

Always remember, whatever work you start, you’ve to do it with full passion and joy to make most out of it. If you’ve just started your career in blogging, or if you’ve been in blogging from a while but couldn’t get success – for all the mediocre bloggers out there – here is a chance to get to know what you’re lacking. It’s time for all of you to read this article and take an action, an action towards their blog’s growth. Read the following tips and be ready to become a better blogger than what you’re today.

1)  Be Confident

Are you confident of what you write?

You must be thinking, what is the link between blogging and confidence.

Well yes, there is big connection between the two. If you’re a confident person, you’re more likely to grow as a blogger.

As you know, no one wants to take advice from a non-confident person.

Same is the case with blogging, if you’re not confident about what you’re writing and sharing with people, they will probably be not gonna believe it. Think about the qualities what makes you trust on a person. In blogging, it’s not about how you look; it’s not about what you wear; it’s not about how you speak; but it is about what you write and how you write. Now, the question is how would you become a confident blogger?

Writing Style:

The most important factor in blogging is your writing style. While writing posts for your blog, imagine that your readers are right there in front of you and you’re directly talking to them. Try to make a conversational flow and tone of your blog post. For example, I’ve used the word “you” many times in this article to point you – who are you? You’re the reader of this post and I’m talking to you right now. Another way to improve your writing is to avoid using “we” instead of “I”, it shows lack of confidence.

Blog Style: 

Another important factor is your blog’s design. It is the first thing that every reader will surely see after landing to your blog. If your blog’s design and style is pleasant and appealing, readers will surely give a try to read your content. As you know, first impression is the last impression. If your blog is unattractive and confusing, then your readers may not stay on your blog for long – and you’ll lose the chance of turning them in your loyal subscribers.

So try to focus on your blog’s look and feel equally, as compared to the content in it.

Introduce yourself: 

Major problem with many bloggers and you is that you only share your words with the people, but hide yourself from your readers. You can see all the popular bloggers, you know them by name and by face. How? Because they’ve exposed themselves along with their blog. It is easy to communicate with a person rather than a blog.

So, introduce yourself to your readers by doing a bit of changes to your blog. Add a brief introduction about you in “About us” page of your blog. You can add your profile in the sidebar or you can add an author box at the end of each blog post. Add your photo and biography so that the people can know who you’re.

Be honest and don’t doubt yourself: 

“Honesty is the best policy”, we learnt this lesson in our childhood. But now we realize that it’s difficult to live according to this rule. Lie has become a part of our daily routine, we intentionally or unintentionally kept on lying. Sometimes we lie to make someone happy; sometimes to pass through a difficult situation etc.

But never lie to your readers. Being a blogger, you have to be honest and provide the right and genuine information to your readers. They trust you, never break their trust. Always provide them quality content. When they start trusting you, your confidence level will start increasing.

2)  Make Yourself an Authority Blogger

It doesn’t matters how much knowledge you have about a topic, all that matters is your reputation. Your suggestion is of no value until you’ve established yourself as an authority or your blog as an authoritative blog. As a beginner, you may wonder how to do this? Well you have already started your way towards this target.

Not sure?

Let me tell you, the previous step we discussed is the first step towards becoming an authority. As you’ve gained confidence by exposing yourself to your audience, now its time to rule over the social media.

Start updating your Social Media profiles; add details about you and your blog to make your social presence better. Let your profile speaks for you – just like a resume – and reflects your personality. Try to use the same picture of yours everywhere.

Create profiles on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter etc. and let the people to know more about you.

Always do discussion with your readers and provide them your suggestions about the popular topics on your blog. It might be that your opinion is not as valuable as that of an expert, but it would be much better than the other readers.

3)  Appreciate people for their work

A successful person never gets jealous of other persons success. Rather he becomes happy seeing a new rival in front of him. Such people never hesitate to encourage and give credit to people for their work.

However a jealous person never talk about the good work others have done and never value their work. If you’re this type of a person, you really need to change your this attitude. A professional always gives credit to those who deserve it. This is another sign of being a professional person as well as having a level of confidence.

4)  Don’t Just Grow Your Connections – Become an important One

Most bloggers only want to have a large number of subscribers and huge fan following on Social Media.

You may have wanted the same. Right?

But this is not the right thing you’re wishing for.

Rather than focusing on getting more likes, more subscribers; you’ve to focus on how to become an important part of people’s life. How to get them know you closely and how to make them want you, to be one of their inner circle.

This will only happen when you put some time and energy into it, working on building a meaningful connection.

5)  Be Smart Rather than Hard Working

Doesn’t matters, what type of niche you’re currently working on? The two things that will give you the required result is the Smart work and the hard work.

Working smart is much more valuable than working hard.


If you keep working hard on writing good quality content for your readers. You may be on the same road even after years of hard work where you are today.  No doubt, hard work also gives you the result and proves helpful, but not as much as smart work do.

You really need to work smartly along with hard work. When you start sharing your content and promoting on Social Media, you’ll see that your blog starts growing faster.

Many people get success in very short span of time and start making millions of dollars just because of their smart work. Think smart, and try to figure out new ideas. I’ll suggest you to start by selecting appropriate blogging tools and set your timetable for time management.

6)  Save Time Being a Team

Time never waits for anyone, it continues ticking away. Blogging is a really vast online business if considered critically.

There are a lot of ideas and techniques to make your blog better, plus writing quality content. If you take responsibility of all these, you will never be able to get sometime for yourself. Plus it will take a lot of time to turn your ideas into reality and applying your techniques actually.

The best way is to create a team and share tasks so that there will be no burden on you and you’ll do more work in less time. In this way, you will also become an entrepreneur rather than just a blogger.


I have shared the important 6 tips which will help you to accomplish more than what you are getting at this time. Study and understand which point suites you better and will eventually improve your blogging career.

Never forget to share in comments if you have any other tip regarding this topic. Also do share your experience with us, if any of the above tips work best for you.

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