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Hosting plays a very vital role in success of a blog because what hosting you have chosen have great impact on the SEO.  As everyone knows that you have to pay for the hosting of your site and it is somehow expansive to buy a good hosting.  If you move towards the cheap web hosting then they will not give you the desired results.  The hosting which you are going to buy should be authentic and can handle burden.

And the hosting which has all these qualities in only one and that is HostGator.

What if you get the best web hosting with a discount and once you have bought the best web hosting then no one can stop you to gain the heights of success.

Everyone wants to get the best thing in low cost. But how can this is possible? Here is the solution of this problem you can get the best web hosting with discount. Yes right with a discount!

Now the query is that when you can avail this discount offer?

There is a proper schedule of this discount and the discount offered is splendid. It gives 80% off. Can’t you believe this? But this is indeed true.

Every year HostGator offers 80% off on the services of webhosting. Its offer is limited and is offered every year. Every year this offer is given to the people in the month of November for two days. And those two days are Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

These two days are the days on which online shopping is done on a large scale because all the sites for selling are offering discount on these two days. So want to get best and cheap hosting wait for November.

All the sales of 2015 are ended in 2015 but in 2016 the sales are coming again in the month of November.

Why to select HostGator

HostGator is the most renowned web hosting service. It has many features which are not offered by other hosting so it is the best choice for a blogger.

 The dream of every blogger is that he is able to get the best hosting.

Types of HostGator web hosting

There are many types of web hosting which includes the shared hosting, re-seller hosting and dedicated hosting and many more.

Shared hosting has further three plans. One plan is only for the beginners which are trying to flap, the second is for the bloggers who wants to create more than one blog using only one account of the HostGator and the third one is for the businesses who are renowned bloggers.

Qualities of HostGator

There are many features which will convince you to use this hosting. And all those qualities due to which it is given privilege over other web hosting are stated under:

Consumer support 24/7

Whenever you buy any software then a large amount of time is spend on learning that software but a product cannot be 100% error free so the customer have to face those issues and for this reason the person needs to coordinate with the developer of the that product.

And in this quality the HostGator has left the other entire web hosting behind. You can get the support of the developer all day and night. So for this reason HostGator is best for you.

You are free to communicate with your developer any time. There is no restriction of time, day or date. All you do is to tell about your problem to the developer and he will solve your problem in a short span.

Provides the facility of call or fax etc.

Along with the services of live chat the HostGator also provides you with the facility of call or email support. Because in certain circumstances the internet is not available and you are facing any problem then the HostGator also provides you with the facility to contact through call.

And by calling you can get answer about any problem which is faced by you. This point also gives privilege over other web hosting as they are providing no facility of calling and you have to visit their office. And you have wait for a large period of time for getting your problem fixed.

Along with all these communication facility it also gives you opportunity to submit a ticket if you face any difficulty.

Consistency of your website

As you all are aware that the performance of any website matters a lot and the greater will be the loading time lesser the number of visitors. In this era people are always in hurry and they cannot waste their time. And when the loading takes more than the required time then the audience will definitely shifts to other site.

When you click on any website and it keeps on loading and even after long time no results are shown to the user or when you try to open the website it shows an error then this will increase the frustration level of the audience and he will surely don’t like to visit your site again.

And this facility of performance and availability is provided by the HostGator. Your site is available for all the time and is not available 1%.  The down time of the time is very less which depicts the quality of your site and hosting.

Renowned company

When you selecting the vendor special caution should be paid because they are many companies which are just pretending that they are giving all the facilities but in actual they don’t give you all that what they are saying.

While selecting the vendor these points should be given due importance

  1. Reputation of the vendor
  2. The provided services
  3. Customer support

And all these qualities are present in HostGator.

This company is providing all the above mentioned services and due to this reason it is the most trusted web hosting. The reputation of the company matters a lot as Microsoft is a renowned company and is trusted by all the persons in the same way HostGator is also a best company for this providing the facility of web hosting.

Space and Bandwidth

Disk space is the amount of the space that is provided by the web hosting to save the data on browser. The space matters a lot in a web hosting as the amount of data which can be uploaded plays a very important role in increasing the ranking of the website. The greater the disk space the greater will chance available for you to save your content.

Some web hosting is providing you with the limited amount of the disk space. If you are uploading the video and pictures then it will consume a lot of space then the text.

Due to this limitation forced by web hosting you cannot upload the data according to your wish in contrary you will the HostGator provides you with the infinite disk space and you can add the content as much as you want.

Now moving towards the bandwidth, it is directly related with the speed of the website. Bandwidth is the quantity of information which can be retrieved or shared at a time. And if the bandwidth is less than the speed of your site will be affected badly.

And this problem is also solved by the HostGator. It provides you with the facility of unlimited bandwidth. So you can upload and can retrieve the data according to your need. The bandwidth provided by the HostGator is unrestricted. This consequently increases speed of your blog.


It also provides you with the facility of customizability. The web hosting is quite flexible. You can made the changes according to your need it provides you the facility of large number of templates.

Keeping in view your audience you can change the theme or template. All the other web hosting services are not providing this facility of customizability.

And due to the presence of this feature people prefer to make choice of this web hosting in comparison with other hosting services.

Conclusion: All the aspects that are considered to be part of a web hosting are discussed and elaborated in detail. And many reasons are discussed for make choice of this webhosting moreover the cost of this web hosting is very low in the days of discount.  So you can avail best hosting services on a very low cost. And can get all the features mentioned above in order to make your site most renowned site for the audience.

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