Does Changing WordPress Theme affect Search Engine Rankings / Blog Traffic

The basic purpose of a blogger is to get huge amount of traffic and this is a criteria for a successful blogger. Now when we are developing and promoting the blogs developed in WordPress than WordPress is offering some free themes and customization of these themes. Some opportunities are provided by the WordPress for free. And these include themes etc.

Most of the beginners are using the free themes. But later on for getting huge amount of traffic they will buy new themes. As the sites using free themes can easily be hacked by the hackers and then all your effort will go in vein. But in order to make your site attractive and grasping you should bring change and this can be done by changing the theme of your site. The question arises that Does Changing WordPress Theme affect Search Engine Rankings / Blog Traffic ? Issues regarding changing theme and there solution is discussed in this article. So read it carefully for getting knowledge about the themes.

Handling of your SEO traffic:

Who is handling your SEO in WordPress? There is s a benefit for using the provided themes as there is less plugin used. But on the other hand the person who is in a habit of switching themes will also have to buy Plugins otherwise ranking of his or her site will reduce tremendously.  And that plugin will support your site for maintaining the ranking.

Issues in changing themes of WordPress

URLs are changed:

Here are the issues while changing the theme of your WordPress site. URL is the address of your site through which the search engine can get access to your site. They are very important because a site cannot be accessed without its URL. Now you must be thinking that what is the link of the URL with changing the theme? There is a direct relation between these two. When you change your theme the URL of your site also changes. And in this way the ranking of site will be affected badly.

Now when you are trying to switch the theme does always think about URL. The URL of the site must remain same before and after changing the theme. Or the site may have the capability to redirect the viewer to the right page.

Validation of your code:

You have to write HTML code for developing any site. That code is read by the search engine and then the resultant site is displayed to the viewer. Beside every site there is long and lengthy code written.

What is the relation of this code with changing the theme? The relation is that may in the previous theme your theme is with left sidebar but the new theme which you are going to apply has right sidebar. The alignment of the code will change when you change the theme. And this has negative impact on your site ranking.

Now how to overcome this obstacle? Before switching to new theme you should view the page source and see the alignment and compare it with the new theme. And after proper analysis take the appropriate decision. In this way you can save your ranking.

Keep record of all your links:

There are many things that influence the ranking of your site. Along with the URL the tags in your site also plays a very important role in enhancing or degrading your site ranking. The tags should be in the same manner as before.

Now you should keep a complete backup of your site. If the sequence of the tags and links changes along with changing the theme then you have to lose the ranking of your site. The sequence of the tags matters a lot.

So before changing the theme you should record of all you data your code sequence. The advertisements, sidebars, tags must be maintained as were before in order to keep the ranking as it was before.

Benefits of changing the themes

Themes increasing your site traffic:

There are certain themes which are meant to increase the traffic of your blog. The choice of the theme is a critical task that you should complete with great care. Before applying any theme you should see the compatibility of that theme with your site.

If you use theme which has high vocabulary and the theme which makes your site attractive and readable then the ranking of your site will increase dramatically. Examples of such theme include

Performance of your site:

Along with the readability there are certain themes which will increase the performance of your site. As performance plays a crucial role in ranking of your site.

The loading time of any site matters a lot. Because if the result of the query is not given in the defined time than you will have to face ranking problems.

How to enhance the speed is an important question here?  There are certain themes which are meant for increasing the performance of your site. And if the speed of your site is slow frustration level will increase and your audience will moves to any other site for sure.

Steps taken to avoid de-indexing by search engines:

In order to keep your unaffected in an adverse manner you should take precautionary measures. And these measures include compatibility issues. And for sure keep a backup of your site in case if the theme is not compatible and you are losing your ranking then you should be able to get you site back to its previous version.

Introducing Plugin:

Along with the SEO theme you can also buy plugins. Plugin for different functionalities are present and you can get all the plugins to improve your ranking. You can import the Plugin such as Yoast SEO.

The process of applying or importing the theme is a prior step before we switch to the any theme. After importing the plugin you are all set for changing the theme and enjoy huge traffic and make your blog successful in no time.

Selection of theme:

What type of themes should be selected for your site? There is a huge variety of themes available. But the choice of theme should be made with special keen.

The theme you are going to buy should have following characteristics. The theme should enhances the readability, usability, performance, security, updated every time, should be compatible, enhances the ranking and should be free from all types of errors.

Now if you choose such a theme you need not to worry about. But even then keep this thing in mind to keep backup of your site otherwise you will lost. There are certain plugin present for keeping the backup of your site.

Conclusion: Everything has some advantages and some disadvantages but the use makes it advantageous or harmful for you. The choice you should be on the basis of above mentioned qualities. Change is important and necessary for the survival but the change should be made with care. As the change can even affect the ranking badly or can even lift the ranking in a tremendous way.

Above mentioned are some issues regarding selection of theme and the appropriate answer is given of all the issues and methodologies to overcome those issues are discussed. You can let us know about your thoughts by commenting  on this post.


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