Common Misconceptions about Plagiarized Content

Developing a blog and making it successful is a tactic. And this can be achieved by using some techniques which are well known to the experienced bloggers. But the blogger who is new to this filed and who has no experience before will have to face the problems. And consequently he will move towards some misconceptions which will mislead him or her. And the top most misconceptions are listed below. This article is written in order to help the new blogger and give them a guide about Common Misconceptions about Plagiarized Content.

  1. The originality of any content affects the ranking:

It is mostly thought that the content uploaded to the blog should be original. And the bloggers think that it is the most important point which should not be ignored in order to make their blog popular.

But after many researches it has are proven that the originality of the content rarely affects the ranking of the site. The non-original content will affect your site when the all the content is uploaded at the same time. And that site was new from where you copied the content.

So try to keep yourself away from this myth and believe on the things or theories that have been proven by some research. The non-original content has no relation with the site ranking but only on the methodology which is applied to copy the content.

  1. Thinking that scarpers will affect the traffic on your blog:

Now here the question arises that who is scarper? And what are scarper site? The site which copied your content with the help of web scarping is known is scarper site and the person doing this is called scarper. This is done in order to generate revenue and to enhance the ranking of their site.

Now here what is the misconception? People are of the view point that scarpers will affect the traffic of their blog adversely. Scarpers are not affecting your site in increasing traffic nor in decreasing the traffic.

Here you need to differentiate between the people who are copying your content and who are doing scarping?

Real plagiarists are those who are using your content with their name to generate revenue. And this may affect your ranking in the way that they may get more traffic by using your content. So take actions against these plagiarists not against scrappers.

Because scrappers are neutral for you as they are not claiming your content. They just copy your content along with the link of your site.

So beware of the real plagiarists. And stop paying attention to scarpers this is simply a misconception that they are affecting your ranking.

  1. Again publishing your published content:

Here is another myth which is believed by most of the people that republishing your article or content will affect ranking of your site. Now what does this means? Publishing guest content on your site again has to do nothing with the ranking of your site.

I have seen many popular and successful bloggers which are using this practice and there is no effect on their blog ranking.

If you are republishing the content make use of the reference tag and let the goggle about that where is the original content present. Or you can publish the content by changing some references and heading.

 It is now evident that republishing does not affect the site. So this is simply a myth which ought to be thrown out of the minds of bloggers.

  1. There is no plenty on duplicate content:

There are rules and regulations for running the business. Similarly, goggle terms and conditions states that if any person copy content of any person without taking permission from the authority. And after that you are giving your name to that copied content then you are violating the rules and you have to face the consequences for this.

Goggle may block your site or may you have to give plenty on this action.

Now what’s people view on this? People mostly think that it is just a rule and there is no implementation on this rule. But it is not true.

Goggle will give you punishment against your stealing act. So don’t you ever try to copy the content? Goggle has strict rules on this. So believe in your own effort not on someone else’s effort. Otherwise you have to face the penalty.

  1. Goggle is able to distinguish between the original and scarped page:

When your content is being copied by some other blogger Goggle will take appropriate action on this. As the blogger is copying your site content so it is not easy for the goggle to distinguish between the original and scarped page.

May be the goggle is considering the scarped page being the original site and vice versa. Goggle will know that your content is being copied but Goggle sometimes fails to do the differentiation. So it’s an alarming issue and what should a person do in this case?

There is also a solution of this problem. Tell the goggle know about the original blogger of site through some process. This may include password and name id of your site and date and time you posted the content. Or through any other methodology which shows your ownership.

This is clearly a myth that Goggle knows about scarpers. Sometimes Goggle is successful in doing so. Most of the time it fails to make the difference between original and plagiarized.

  1. Thinking that changing the language will not be considered as duplicate content:

Now what the people are doing is that there are copying someone’s content and after altering the language they post that content on their site and considering it that it is not plagiarized.

It is actually plagiarism and Goggle will consider such content to be plagiarized.

Why this is so? The answer of this question is quite simple. As the content, meaning and information in the article is same. You are not delivering new information to audience you are just changing the language.

It’s a wrong perception that it will considered as new content. So try not to follow this practice otherwise you have to go through the trail of Goggle or may have to bear the penalty.

Write your own content and be informative for your audience. And avoid this practice.

  1. Writing the legal information on different blogs is offensive:

Now we will discuss about the duplicate content. Most of the bloggers believed that if even a small piece of content is duplicate it will tremendously reduce your ranking and will resultantly the dream of popular site will be doomed towards failure.

But that’s not true in any sense. If you are posting some legal post on your site again and again it will not affect the ranking at all. And there are many examples present. There is medical site in UK that has the same denial content on many pages but that site has good ranking in goggle. Although Goggle will not affect the ranking on reposting the legal information but still try to avoid the duplicate.

Conclusion: In this article some myths have been mentioned which are mostly believed by the many bloggers but they are just myths as there is no reality in this. The order of things matter only. Do you agree with our thought or not?


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