Best / Highly Recommended WordPress Plugins for your Blog which should not be Overlooked

Building a blog is not as simple as people think. Many things are involved in making a blog popular. After the selection and building the blog now the main challenge is to make that blog popular and effective for the audience. Irrespective of the main functionality of the blog there are also many non-functional requirements which must be fulfilled in order to take large number of audience. And in order to fulfill these requirements many paid and free plugins are present. Here is the list of plugins which are best / highly Recommended WordPress Plugins for your blog which should not be overlooked at any cost.

  1. Plugin for efficiency:

As it a basic requirement or need of a reader that his or her query must be entertained in short period of time and the client don’t have to wait for the results. This is a very important factor for getting huge amount of traffic.

 Now question arises that how to improve efficiency of your blog? And the answer is that many plugin are present for making your blog efficient.

The best plugin for this purpose is W3 Total Cache. This plugin allows you to improve efficiency of your blog. The efficiency can be improved by caching. Variety of caching is offered by this plug.

And special attention should be given while buying or using a plugin. The plugin should be compatible with your blog. If this point is ignored audience will get frustrated and will ultimately move to any other blog.

  1. Plug for making your blog secure:

Now here is the point of security arises. A lot of effort, time and money is required in building a popular blog and your will be wasted if your blog is stolen by a hacker. Then you are left with nothing. So proper attention should be paid in order to make your blog secure.

Security is considered as a vital in blogs. And for ensuring security many plugin are available. There are many paid and free plugin present for security. iThemes Security is a plugin which offers its services for free. And help you to protect your blog.

And if you do not pay heed to this security issues then your blog will surely move towards failure and all your effort and time will all go in vein. So in order to prevent yourself from this lose make your blog secure.

  1. For keeping a substitute of your blog:

There are certain situations in which you are forced to remove your blog and as a result all your content will be loosed.

What will be the solution of this critical situation?

The answer is very simple prepare a backup of your blog. And enjoy a tension free blogging.

When your blog or site is hacked then all our data is controlled by the hacker. So by keeping a backup your data will be secure and save.

This strategy is also applied by many computer users as computer also gives you the facility of keeping a backup.

But in the blogs this facility is provided by plugin. They will prepare a backup and keep it updated on daily basis.

UpdraftPlus is a plugin which is continuously supported by its originator.

If there is no backup present and in that situation your blog is hacked then you have to bear a great loss. There are many examples in the past regarding this. So try to learn lessons from others experience. And become a professional blogger.

  1. Preventing error to occur on making a request by host:

In some situation the blogger had to change the URL for synchronizing with the search engines. Although the WordPress is well organized for search engines but for SEO some amendments are ought to be done to making your blog popular.

 When the blogger makes this change there are some chances of errors. A person may search by the previous URL then an error willbe shown to the client. So the person will be unable to access your site.

So for this purpose a plugin is available which will redirects the request of a person to the new URL. It is essential when you making any amendment in the URL. And the plugin available for this purpose is known as Redirection plugin.

  1. Optimizing the blog for search Engines:

In order to conduct SEO plugins are available. You blog should be well organized so that it can easily be marked by the search engines. Well the WordPress can be indexed by the Google easily.

But for controlling the content which can be viewed by the user and hiding the pages from the search engines and changing the title and metadata (data about data) plugin is available. This plugin is essential for SEO.

And the most wanted and most used plugin for this purpose is Yoast SEO. A paid version of this plugin is also present with more features.

  1. Making the content shareable:

When you are developing a blog your focus is to satisfy the user and create ease for the viewer. The content which is posted by the blogger should be shareable by the viewer.

When you content is shareable than you have better opportunities for promoting your blog.

As social media plays a very crucial role in making your blog a hit. Now the marketing has changed in a tremendous way. And all the marketing is now done through social media like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter and many more.

So facilitate your viewers or audience for sharing your articles and all the written content.  And for this purpose a free plugin is available which is known as Social Warfare. The greater the people share your content the greater will be the chances for getting huge traffic. And if it is ignored then your blog will ultimately doomed to failure.

  1. Making and maintaining list of your audience:

In the blog business all the game is around the audience. So satisfy the audience, to grasp their attention, to manage them, to get large number of audience are the main activities and all the other work and tactics are applied for achieving the above mentioned objectives.

So there must a list of all the viewers maintained by the blogger. When the entire list is present then you are able to keep in touch with your audience. And when you will come to know about your audience you can easily get to know about the choice of your audience and then can write according to their interest.

All the tactics are applied on the audience. And then if you don’t pay proper attention to the audience then you are unable to get trustworthy audiences.  And for making and updating the list of your audience Thrive Leads will help you out.

Conclusion: In this article some plugins are discussed which are essential for making the blog hit. These plugins are effective but can also give worst results if overlooked. So pay proper attention to these non-functional requirements in order to become a successful blogger. And moreover before using any plugin proper testing of compatibility should be done. For getting these plugins get the best vendor from market after making effort make selection of the vendor. Do you have any other plugins which are a must for blog in your mind, do let us know.

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